North Palm Beach Chiropractor Celebrates 1 Year Of Opening State-Of-The-Art Physical Therapy Center

1st year anniversary of North Palm beach chiropractor is to be celebrated. It has all facilities and they provide best treatment at affordable cost. Most of our services are covered by medical insurance.

Online PR News – 26-March-2011 – – North Palm Beach, FL ( onlineprnews ) March 22, 2011 – After years of planning and 3 months of build out, Active Health Center at Weinberg Chiropractic is getting ready to celebrate its one year anniversary. The physicians and clinicians at Active Health Center wanted their patients to heal quicker, feel younger and maintain active, healthy lifestyles. Drs. Marc Weinberg and Colin Behrue offered patients an alternative to the traditional physical therapy program by fulfilling a 15-year dream of creating a comprehensive, state-of-the-art physical therapy center at which patients can receive not only chiropractic care but doctor-supervised physical therapy and massage called Active Health Physical Therapy.

Active Health Physical Therapy is a full-service facility which provides formal rehabilitation services for a majority of conditions. It also offers occupational therapy and the state-of-the-art Multi Cervical Unit (MCU)™. Active Health Center, one of only three offices in the state of Florida to offer treatment with the Advanced MCU II™ machine, was featured on WPTV’s Medical Breakthrough segment. The MCU™ is a high-tech instrument designed to diagnose, strengthen and rehabilitate patients with chronic neck pain. The doctors are vey excited to have Tim Genecco, MS, PT, a prominent therapist in the physical therapy field for 17 years, to be a part of their team. Active Health Physical Therapy is located at 421 Northlake Blvd. in North Palm Beach and saw its first patient in April, 2010.

“The main purpose for creating North Palm Beach Chiropractor center is to add affordable services which help patients get better quicker and return them to an active lifestyle for years to come,” explained Weinberg. Active Health Physical Therapy treats a full range of medical conditions with the same exemplary service which Weinberg Chiropractic Center patients have come to expect for more than 20 years. Most services are be covered by private insurance and Medicare. “We are very excited about our first year. “We have helped many people since opening and look forward to helping countless others get back to a healthy lifestyle, says Weinberg.”

According to Behrue, the new center treats all types of patients from children to seniors and athletes to accident victims. “We wanted to introduce comprehensive care in which a patient can choose chiropractic medicine, physical therapy or both at the same site and it is happening” he said. “We will keep people feeling young and active” said Behrue. Being that research has proven that massage therapy is a very important part of health care maintenance, a membership-based affordable massage therapy program is still on the horizon for the center, Weinberg explained.

The center includes traditional physical therapy equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes and weights, but also includes state-of-the art technology for spinal care, geriatric care, posture analysis, muscle imbalance, arthritis and other maladies.

Weinberg also added, “We look forward to adding other specialties this year, like acupuncture and neurology, but right now we are very excited about the amazing team we have created,” explained Weinberg. “We are combining lots of experience, traditional concepts and new technology with fresh new minds and wrapping that all up in a package of compassionate, caring and service-oriented attitudes,” he said. Active Health Physical Therapy offers patients a physical therapy option that is affordable, individualized and will get people back to an active life again, pain free.”

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Weinberg and Behrue are chiropractic physicians at Active Health Center at Weinberg Chiropractor located at 421 Northlake Blvd. in North Palm Beach. The doctors of North Palm Beach Chiropractor can be reached by calling (561) 842-2273 or visit