Austin Search Engine Optimization Firm Goes Into Video Production and Online Video Marketing

Online videos are driving traffic to websites and bringing in sales. An Austin search engine optimization company introduces video marketing to help the web businesses of their clients.

Online PR News – 25-March-2011 – – The Internet changes all the time and it now seems that online videos are doing very well these days. Websites such as YouTube, Google Videos, Yahoo Videos, DailyMotion, MateCafe, MySpace Videos, and others are receiving millions of visitors. People are uploading and sharing videos all the time. Already, a lot of businesses have noticed the potential, and have gone into video marketing to boost their sales. The results are very good too. MindBOX SEO is an Austin search engine optimization firm that is helping small and mid-sized businesses in Austin and the other cities of Texas gain from online video production services.

Consider these facts. According to the estimates of comScore, in the US, audiences have spent a staggering 1.4 billion minutes watching online videos in 2010. This is a growth of 648 percent over 2009. This trend seems to be growing even more in 2011. This is certainly something that needs to be watched carefully. The MindBOX search engine marketing firm is even saying that online conversions can be increased by a great deal through web videos. For instance, the conversion rate of the Zappos Shoes website has reportedly increased by as much as 30 percent when the company began to promote their products through web videos.

It actually makes a lot of sense. When ecommerce started, most people were concerned about security. How safe was it to provide the credit card details on the Internet – this was the main worry back then. With improved security features, that concern is mostly gone now. But there is still one big challenge. When a person shops online, he can just see the product’s picture, and it often is not convincing enough. A video of the product should certainly help here. For instance, if you are buying a shoe, and if you could actually see the product in a video, it would definitely help you decide.

Companies such as the Austin search engine optimization firm have realized this, and have gone into video production and marketing. The Austin SEO Company is making compelling and effective videos for their clients, and even distributing them on the Internet through various video websites. MindBOX SEO is even offering several custom distribution packages to help their clients select one that is just right for their needs.

MindBOX SEO does not just want to remain as an Austin search engine optimization company. They want to go into video productions and marketing big-time, and want to emerge as the one-stop video production and promotion shop for their clients. Company sources say that this change is necessary to make their clients gain the most from the various online possibilities. “If Internet videos can give you sales, businesses just cannot afford to miss out,” says MindBOX.

About MindBOX SEO:

MindBOX SEO is an Austin search engine optimization company that offers article marketing, local search listings, search engine optimization, on-page optimization, SEO web audit, link building, pay-per click marketing, directory submission, press release distribution, social media marketing, and social bookmarking submission services. The company has recently started to offer web video marketing services as well. For more information, please visit