Network Switching Functions Presented in Clear, Concise, Block Diagrams

Electro Standards Laboratories has precisely generated detailed block diagrams of network switching functions, developing a virtual encyclopedia of copper and fiber optic network switch functions.

Online PR News – 18-November-2009 – – Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, has carefully and precisely generated detailed block diagrams of network switching functions, developing a virtual encyclopedia of copper and fiber optic network switch applications.
Electro Standards offers hundreds of proven fiber optic network switches with a wide array of interfaces and attributes. Each switch is listed on the Website and features a detailed block diagram of how the switch functions in its intended application.

As an example, the QuickSwitch® Model 4181 SC Duplex 100BaseFX Automatic Fallback Switch with Remote Access has two Application Block Diagrams: One for Fallback Application and one for Workstation Application. The Fallback Application Diagram depicts the primary and backup networks, the connection to the COMMON port, the Supervisory Remote Configuration and Control/Alarm Notification. The Workstation Application depicts the inputs and switch function from Primary Network to Backup.

If you are interested in fiber optic switch/converters, click on the Fiber Optic Network Switch/Converters Category on the company’s Website. Tap the “Click Here for Comparison Table View” and you will see a table of switch/converters and their attributes. This table simplifies the comparison process and assists in narrowing down your selections. Click on any units that interest you. The QuickSwitch® Model 4195 Fiber Optic SC Duplex to RJ45 Auto Fallback A/B Switch/Converter is a good example. The Application Diagram clearly illustrates how the switch functions in the Auto Fallback Mode and in the A/B Switch mode.

If you would like to see at a glance how a copper network Automatic Fallback A/B Switch with Remote Management Port would work for you, check out the application diagrams for Models 4121, 4123, or 4124. You will see the common device connected to the COMMON port and how it transitions to the devices connected to the A and B ports. The triggers illustrated include sensing data, monitoring active data, or loss of data. These explicit block diagrams provide information at a glance that will give you the “Oh Yeah” moment when you see exactly what you are looking for.

Electro Standards offers switches as simple as the manually operated Model 8050 CAT 5 A/B switch and as complex as the QuickSwitch® Model 6258 6-Channel All Optic On-line/Off-line switch, LC Duplex with 10 Base-T LAN TELNET access. The Functional Block Diagram takes the nuts and bolts of the text and lays it out in an easy-to-follow colorful diagram.
Even with all of the information mentioned above, it can be a daunting task to think of every attribute that you would like in your copper or fiber optic network switch. Prompts can help you determine which switch would best serve your requirements. Check out Electro Standards’ Custom Copper and Fiber Optic Network Switch Worksheets on their Website. Use these forms to click and submit your basic requirements or for brainstorming to solidify your requirements.

Electro Standards Laboratories has taken its extensive knowledge of copper and fiber optic network switching and has developed a process to assist its customers throughout the selection process. To remain in the forefront of network switch providers, Electro Standards is continually advancing its technology to accommodate the changing needs of the networking marketplace. The development of detailed diagrams of each switching function facilitates communication between design engineers, sales engineers, and most importantly customers. Getting the exact network switch that works perfectly in the designated network begins with clear, concise, detailed communication and communication is Electro Standards’ business.

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