SPAB - May a Book give a chance to have a Spanish property for less than 50 Euros?

SPAB - May a Book give a chance to have a Spanish property for less than 50 Euros?

Online PR News – 19-November-2009 – – Financial and economic crisis. Recession, restrictions, layoffs, crash, hopelessness, no prospects. These words have been ruling our lives for about one year now. Events that we never thought could effect us personally, have come close to us in the meantime. They only seemed to be front-page news, things that only can apply to others. The heavy meanings behind these words have entered our lives too. The once 'breaking news' story has become a blunt fact. We cannot run away from our own lives and it is not worth giving up in these difficult times. What can we do then?

We have to make sure that our final decisions regarding our future plans are based on past experiences and that we take all the circumstances into consideration. Even though the situation may seem hopeless to us, deliberate decisions, made slowly but surely, will lead us out of this crisis. We need many small individual good decisions, which may not radically transform how big business is done, but they can and do, contribute to real change.

Because of the above presented facts we have come to the decision to write a Book entitled Spanish Property Advise Book to help everybody who would like to get out of this crisis soon, but more importantly, to get out of it as winners. We do not want to persuade anybody to this book, we only would like to help people with trustworthy information.

We have heard good and bad news about the Spanish real estate market even before the recession. Our book helps you to get to know the situation there. It help you in answering the questions of location, price-value proportion, recovery of investment and choosing a potential financer. And because it is not only good to invest in Spain but also to live there, we provide people with practical advices for everyday life. You can also learn from our book, if you are interested, how good it is to live in a property on the Spanish beach. What is more, you can even experience it yourself if you buy our book! How is it possible?

To better promote this book we decided to give a registration number for the first 50.000 costumer, which gives them the chance to own a South-Spanish property worth 200.000 Euros on the beach. We would like to pique your interest in our book and to invest in Spain as we recommend in this book. You can find out the details of our special promotion by visiting our website at But what is SPAB exactly?

SPAB is the book of solutions. In addition to solutions it also contains surprises. Every 1000th costumer will get back the price of the book. Every 5000th costumer will receive an exotic journey to the ancient Egypt. And the luckiest among the first 50000 costumers will be richer with a fully equipped Spanish property on the beautiful beach of Costa-Blanca.

If you are not interested in long term solutions or you just simply do not have time to wait for the best solution, or you just simply think that you do not have the luck, then SPAB is the best Christmas Present for you. Surprise the ones you love the most. You will celebrate together!

After the safe and quick online purchase, you can excitingly wait for the surprises waiting for you. The property which is going to be the main prize will be selected by a draw in a notary’s presence. The lucky winner will receive his/her property signed to his/her name exempt from all costs and fees.

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