Georgetown Fireplace & Patio Features A Wider Selection Of Patio Furniture

Georgetown Fireplace & Patio decides to get more patio furniture varieties so that their customers will have a lot more to choose from.

Online PR News – 26-March-2011 – – The patio area outside a house is considered by most people as a pristine warm weather location where meals can be eaten with the family; good books can be read; or morning coffees can be enjoyed while one listens to the tunes of Mother Nature. You can use your patio at home as a place to spend quality time with family and friends. However, the most common problem for people nowadays is that they don’t know where to look for and what type of patio furniture to use for the space that they have available at their home. Because of this Georgetown Fireplace & Patio has decided to roll in an even wider variety of patio furniture sets for their customers.

Georgetown Fireplace & Patio offers patio furniture sets that are made from a variety of materials such as wicker, cast aluminum, and wood. All of their items come with very affordable prices. The owners of the store, Gene and Linda Henry, want to make sure that their store stays as a family-oriented business, which is why they want to offer upscale patio furniture at an affordable price so that people can enjoy them at home without having to spend a lot of money on their purchase. Gene says “Every family should have a nice place to relax and spend quality time together at home especially during the weekends and a patio is one of the best places to do this.”

Aside from offering high quality patio furniture sets, the store has also formed a design team that offers designing services for free so that people can choose the best furniture set that will look the best on their patio area. The members of the design team are well-experienced and they can help customers visualize how their patio is going to look like after the furniture pieces have been placed in.

About Georgetown Fireplace & Patio

Georgetown Fireplace & Patio started in 1979 and it climbed itself up from humble beginnings. The main focus of this company has always been to offer a service that is always beyond what’s normally expected. The founders of this company, Gene and Linda Henry have been working with their friends and neighbors for about 31 years and are now known as one of the largest fireplace and patio stores in central Texas. That kind of success doesn’t come by accident.