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Phoenix International Ltd., based in Wisconsin, USA, offers tire spikes for tire deflation under the trade name MagnumSpike!

Online PR News – 18-November-2009 – – Since 1986, the patented MagnumSpike!™ tire deflation device (TDD) has been saving lives across the US and around the world. The unique, non-clogging tire spike design of the MagnumSpike!™ allows for controlled and quick tire deflations 100% of the time. Every Hit is a Successful Stop. Because of its unparalleled 100% safety record from day one, the Department of Homeland Security issued a Certificate of Conformance to the MagnumSpike!™ tire deflation device as an “Approved Product for Homeland Security”. The certificate is issued under the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 (the Safety Act).

MagnumSpike!™ stops fleeing vehicles. America's law enforcement departments, defense department and Homeland Security agencies rely upon the MagnumSpike!™ tire deflation device. Click and view the video (right) on the MagnumSpike!™ tire spikes for tire deflation.

Tire Spikes For Tire Deflation
As shown (left) MagnumSpike!™ tire spike is the Ultimate tire deflation device (TDD) to safely and swiftly conclude high-speed chases. MagnumSpike!™ is an exceptional value consistently safe and easy to use tire spikes for tire deflation solutions.

The MagnumSpike!™ tire spikes provide officers, deputies and agents peace of mind to achieve tire deflation while reducing risk to citizens. Twenty-three years of tire spike research and development gives MagnumSpike!™ a competitive edge because its patented tire spike design creates a controlled and quick end to chase stops. MagnumSpike!™ offers 100% tire spike deflation.

Expert technical advisors are available to you to select the appropriate tire spike solution for your tire deflation needs.

Tire Spikes For Tire Deflation
Continuous tire spike R & D based on feed back from our law enforcement end-users allows us to provide the most effective, safe, reliable and cost effective tire deflation device on the market today. We spared no cost in developing a superior tire spike which is the envy of the industry.

Our patented tire spike is at the heart of our line of MagnumSpike!™ systems to stop and prevent high-speed chases. You do not need a different model for larger vehicles. The same system can stop all vehicles from small sub compacts to semis.

The MagnumSpike!™ tire spike is also used by the Department of Defense for interdictions to delay, deny and disrupt enemy forces or supplies and prevent destruction of property, injury or death.