Zil Pasyon – 21 Luxury Private Seychelles Villas

It’s fitting that the 21 luxury residences of Zil Pasyon can be found among the most spectacular group of islands in the world – the Seychelles. And it’s even more fitting that the Seychelles’ natural beauty be maintained with a resort that compliments and preserves this pristine tract of nature.

Online PR News – 06-May-2009 – – London, UK ( OnlinePRNews ) May 5, 2009 – Signature Residences Worldwide has added Zil Pasyon in the Seychelles to its select list of luxury real estate for sale.

Zil Pasyon offers luxury at every turn. Whether admiring the serenity from the favourite poolside spot, or being tended to by a personal butler, residents will know they have found paradise here. And paradise extends outside each residence as far as the eye can see.

Luxury Seychelles real estate – uncompromised space comes in a size to enjoy.

The 21 units of Zil Pasyon (http://www.signatureresidencesworldwide.com/Zil-Pasyon-Seychelles-Villa.html) range in size from 612m² to 1,400m². They have been tucked away among the 20’- 40’ Jurassic granite forms in a way that creates unmatched privacy and serenity. Each unit also offers a blend of views: ocean, sunrise, sunset and the other islands that make up the Seychelles and each luxury villa is just minutes from the crystal waters and numerous sandy beaches.

Enjoy Zil Pasyon now…with future wealth in mind.

Savvy investors will immediately see Zil Pasyon’s potential with its attractive investment/cash-flow opportunity. Owning one of the world’s most exclusive homes in the Seychelles could mean adding wealth through participating in the professionally-managed rental program administered by Per Aquum. The managed program lets residents dictate when they use your property and when they wish to enter it into the attractive rental program that may generate rental income outstripping ownership costs several times.

The Seychelles – Bold as nature intended.

Zil Pasyon is located on the private and untouched Felicite Island – a 268-hectare natural playground. From the ocean-washed sandy beaches to caves that have never felt the curiosity of man, a whole new world is there to discover – and enjoy.

There’s a word used to describe Zil Pasyon. It’s the same word that was used to design it. Award-winning architect Richard Hywel Evans’ approach to Zil Pasyon can be summed up in one word:


And boldness is integrated into every facet of your Zil Pasyon residence. Owners will approach their residences via their own moat, bridge and 4m-high grand entrance. Bold continues its way through the residence and can be found in two pools; a fifteen-metre infinity pool and the boldest of them all – the glass-bottomed swimming pool off the master bedroom, which also doubles as the ceiling to the reception room.

If you’re looking for bold, you’re in the right place.

And it’s this boldness that makes Zil Pasyon such a spectacular place – especially in a location like the Seychelles. With its friendly people and deep, rich culture, the Seychelles is the perfect blend of vibrancy and tranquillity. Add seven inspirational dining options and a full-service spa to this lifestyle of natural luxury, and Zil Pasyon brings a whole new realm of living.

Those who have already discovered Zil Pasyon generally have a few things in common: they work hard, they’re successful and their success has come from taking the road less-travelled. This could be why they cherish their getaways to Zil Pasyon – because there are no roads that lead here. Escaping to the privacy and tranquillity means a short flight in Per Aquum’s fleet of private helicopters or a ride on the blue waters that lead to paradise.

And it doesn’t end here. Per Aquum has brought its ‘A game’ to Zil Pasyon. Known for their fresh take on luxury living and a passion for naturally modern design, has created a surrounding that is meant to not just satisfy, but inspire.

Isn’t that what life is about?

Prices at Zil Pasyon start at US$3,227,647.

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