PageTraffic Ranks #1 in Social Media Marketing Companies by for March 2011
03/24/2011, the independent authority on search vendors, has named the best Social Media Marketing companies for March 2011. PageTraffic has made it to #1 rankings based upon an in-depth review of the internet marketing service provider.

Online PR News – 24-March-2011 – – The independent authority on search vendors,, has announced the best Social Media Optimization companies for March 2011. An independent research team that was assigned to the social media category reviewed each applicant in order to determine the best Social Media Marketing Companies. PageTraffic made its presence as one of the top players in the rankings for this month in a field of thousands in India.

An extensive review was completed and the research team and evaluated the services of PageTraffic. The company is a premier Search Engine Marketing Firm located in New Delhi, India with its sales office in Chicago, Illinois and back office operations in New Delhi, India. Its services come with the assurance that they make use of completely ethical and acceptable methods of providing SEO services. PageTraffic offer Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, Social Media Optimization as well as Reputation Management, Content Creation and Web Development services.

Indeed, the Social Media Marketing (SMM) industry is a cut-throat competition among its players. Nothing illustrates the race to the top more categorically than the search engine industry. PageTraffic has worked hard to remain at the forefront for more than seven years now. Started in 2002, four years after Google was founded. It was early by many standards. Search engine industry was nowhere close to the organized, well informed behemoth it is today. The eagerness to learn, device case-specific strategies and adapt to fast changing algorithms have become well internalized. Page Traffic brings together more than 80 creative individuals who have a few other things in common too, for example. The excellence of their services reflects in the company they keep. These have distinguished PageTraffic from the ordinary and made its mark on their Top #1 position among the very best Social Media Companies in India.

To many interested in social media optimization strategies, getting started seems like the most daunting part of the task. As a part of this package, PageTraffic does not only create professional accounts, they also customize the profiles in keeping with their clients’ site theme and logo. Even if regular posting seems like a tall order and doesn't figure in their immediate marketing goals, custom designed profiles are a great way of leaving a positive impression on the website visitors.

Page Traffic has kept it simple over the years. With the launch of Social Media Marketing and Web Designing services, their offerings have become truly holistic. Extending the same expertise and quality assurance, the company makes it easier to set up a profitable online business with our end-to-end solutions. The goal-oriented approach and constant seeking of better solutions has enable these professionals to handle bigger challenges and bring new services to online businesses.

PageTraffic now runs a spotlight coming from its own existing customers. Among its notable clients would include Custom Embossers, Tredent Data System, Airways Hotel, Stellar and Get Data. Creating value for clients is PageTraffic’s sole objective and everything else revolves around it. Regardless of what the company has been working on, they have devised innovative ways to meet the project goals. PageTraffic handles the marketing tasks of many online businesses, enabling them to focus on their core business processes. This is how they have forged successful partnerships with large and small companies from around the world. PageTraffic already has a strong presence in many parts of the world, including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Asia and are looking forward to consolidate in other countries.

The company's proven track record of success and their continued drive for excellence has earned PageTraffic the ranking of #1 Best Social Media Marketing Firms. has been ranking the best internet marketing service providers since 2002. As the independent authority on search vendors they have connected thousands of businesses with internet marketing firms that have provided top notch services. Over 50,000 visitors connect with every month in search of the best. In addition to the rankings of the best internet marketing service providers, visitors to the site can find information on the latest changes within the SEO industry.

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