Dmitry Nechaev Releases His Album "Ignis Fatuus" Worldwide

In September 28, 2010 Dmitry Releases His Debut Album “Ignis Fatuus”. At The Present Moment The Album Is Available For Digital Download Trough Most Of The Mp3 Stores.

Online PR News – 25-March-2011 – – Back in 2003 at the age of 15 being totally obsessed and inspired by the gifted musician Akira Yamaoka, Dmitry Nechaev traces his idea of creating an absolutely different and unique style, breaking the stereotypes, bringing in the mixture of philosophy and sound psychology united under a perceptive melody to reflect the inside world of a human being.

In September 28, 2010 Dmitry releases his debut album “Ignis Fatuus”. Being teamed up with Quickstar Productions and Distrophonix LLC he manages to get an international status by releasing the album on the world's most popular mp3 stores worldwide. Having spent over two years of work and running through severe heath issues the album was half year postponed but it gained the status of a long-awaited one.

"I think IGNIS FATUUS represents a big part of my life. It is a sort of a major synopsis of what I am trying to bring in the music culture. It turns out, that all the metaphors I’ve been going through are reflected in its core. I believe that makes the listener travel from one state to another, gathering pieces of ideas into their own artwork. It has a good deal of drive and tension but at the same time remains quite philosophical and deep" - says Dmitry in the interview for the FAULT Magazine.

At the present moment the album is available for digital download trough most of the mp3 stores such as iTunes, Amazon, 7digital and many more. Listen to the full song THE FALL here.