Internet Marketing Expert Announces Los Angeles SEO Seminar Focused on Cultivating Organic Traffic

Jason Wilson, an established expert on driving organic traffic to web sites will be conducting a one day hands-on course in Los Angeles, California, focusing on demonstrating the principles and tactics required to increase targeted traffic.

Online PR News – 24-March-2011 – – In an effort to help site principals gain a better understanding of the intricacies of increasing targeted organic web site traffic, master internet marketer Jason Wilson will be conducting a Los Angeles SEO Seminar on April 30, 2011. The seminar will be dedicated to demonstrating in a hands-on format the lifecycle of traffic cultivation, starting with the fundamentals and culminating with little known but highly effective means of delivering targeted traffic. Business owners, designers and anyone else responsible for promoting sites will benefit from this one day education workshop that is loaded with field notes developed over years of systematic online marketing efforts.

Those responsible for marketing online properties, whether they have a portfolio of sites or just a few, share a common goal; that is, they all seek traffic to funnel to their sites. The old adage that applies to brick and mortar establishments apply to the online model as well: success is a factor of the volume of foot traffic that one could get to pass through the front door. This concept may be somewhat oversimplified, but the premise holds true in that without traffic, there could be no conversion, and without conversion, no success. To take it even further, targeted traffic, referring to visitors who have a vested interest in the subject area of a website, is the ultimate prize. Cultivating enough of those is the primary pursuit of all successful online marketing professionals.

With his Los Angeles SEO Training, Jason Wilson has structured the delivery format to be hands-on and interactive. This approach has proven to be most effective with adult learners, as many easily relate to and subsequently retain more when they are able to participate even in the slightest bit, and are receiving constant instantaneous feedback from even the most minor activity. Going through the motion will help participants retain more and thus increase their take home value from the one day event.

On the agenda for the Los Angeles SEO Seminar scheduled for April 30 are focus areas that when executed serve as the building blocks for a successful internet marketing campaign. The principles of an efficient campaign will be introduced and expounded upon, and the foundation for online success, starting from website architecture all the way to keyword optimization and link building will be addressed in detail. In short, Jason Wilson will be delivering the complete package, everything web site principals need to know in order to put their online property on the map for everyone to see and visit. The Holy Grail of internet marketing will be front and center in the Los Angeles SEO Training and Jason Wilson will demonstrate the value of targeted traffic and how to properly build a robust funnel to get that coveted traffic coming to your site time and again.

"With this seminar our ultimate objective is to impart upon our participants the essence of cultivating organic, targeted traffic to their online properties, because in the end, it is that type of traffic that will prove to be the lifeline of their business. Without it, sites will sit in cyberspace obscurity, doomed to anonymity," explains Jason Wilson, the chief lecturer of the upcoming Los Angeles SEO Seminar scheduled for April 30.

About: is a hands-on, full-day course in Los Angeles, California that will introduce you to the basics of Organic SEO. Attendees will learn the fundamental principles of SEO — keyword research, website architecture, content writing and link building. This workshop is intended to help business owners, designers and marketers gain a better understanding of how to increase targeted organic web site traffic.

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