Golf Belles: The Innovative Organisation Empowering Global Unions Within The Women’s Golf Industry.

The Golf Belles company is the new baby of the Belles Group, LLC. Introduced to the world stage in 2010 Golf Belles are leading the industry as the Global Ambassadors behind the heart, soul and face of Women’s Golf; embracing all that it encompasses. Golf Belles are actively encouraging those in the golf industry to unite together, forging strong professional relationships that will bring about an unrivalled force to the future survival of women’s golf; at all levels.

Online PR News – 24-March-2011 – – As a new global chapter opens for the 2011 golf season we see new faces advancing from the rookie ranks and old faces victorious once again after extended dry spells. Alongside these new beginnings came the devastating news that some of the tournaments face cancellation due to a lack of sponsorship and funding; primarily on the LPGA. Players face decreased prize purses and hardship woes financing their golfing dreams on tour, fewer sponsorship privileges and limited events. It is a crisis that no aspiring professional should have to be dealt.

Emerging from the transpiring turmoil that threatens to end women’s professional golf on a global scale is a new light, a new ray of hope. Susanita de Diego’s (Founder and Chief Executive Belle) dream has become a reality with the genesis of the Golf Belles company; merging her passion for golf with helping others to achieve their dreams. A company whose sole purpose is to reunite players and organisations, to elevate the popularity of the golf industry once again across all sectors, to work harmoniously parallel with all other golfing organisations and companies so as to achieve a united front; strengthening the core that sustains the sport and bringing it back into the spotlight.

Golf Belles have recaptured the true definition of women’s golf; all the intelligence, beauty and athleticism that the sport encompasses balanced with the ethics, integrity, professionalism, and heart that the Belles Group are so universally renowned. Golf Belles incorporate three main focuses; providing the golf industry with marketing and business service, solutions and development, facilitating golf entertainment and event planning, and providing public relations and media foundations.

Golf Belles’ reputation is fast becoming synonymous with success, having established relationships with leading organisations in golf equipment and fashion, media, travel, networks and associations, fitness and education, the LPGA and PGA. Golf Belles is endowed with people who share the dream; each one bringing with them a unique skill-set that compliments the company’s objectives and focus. Diversely employing competent golfers who are also enriched by a background in business, entrepreneurialism, executive management, marketing, public relations and media, event organisation, web development, law, charity foundations, real estate, psychology, fitness and wellbeing; just to name a few.

Designed to infuse the industry with their driving passion for the sport they love Golf Belles aim to establish relationships with players and organisations in every sector; connecting players to ongoing opportunities and funding to live their dreams, and developing a global enterprise for endless business ventures, events, training, and future endeavours. The company caters for the aspiring golfer, the professional searching for a career on or off the course, businesses seeking quality relations, exposure and marketing opportunities and a global forum for all those who are passionate about women’s golf.

Their commitment to women’s golf is further quantified with the launching of their Global Golf Sisterhood. A worldwide group acting as the United Nations of Women's Golf with ambassadors throughout the globe; supporting, enhancing and empowering women golfers at every playing level.

With these successful advancements comes the birth of a new look; representative of the universal attributes that Golf Belles epitomises and encapsulated in a newly designed professional logo. Featuring the signature Golf Belles colours of rich sunset purple and brilliant grassy green a story unfolds; illustrative of endless horizons and the world’s beautiful fairways.

As a new day dawns and the LPGA applaud the success of the inaugural RR Donnelly Founders Cup in Arizona; the Golf Belles make their debut onto the greater world platform; encouraging one and all to keep the dream alive, support each other, and be enriched by the partnerships forged when uniting as a team. Armed with their bonded strengths Golf Belles embrace the challenge to spotlight and motivate the Women’s Golf industry; inspiring the world to elevate it up to the pedestal where it deserves to reside.