Micro ECommerce Wholesale Drop Ship Research Resource for Marketers

Proproductsourcing.com offers no fee information, and instructional resources to help resolve problems concerning wholesale drop shipping supply needs for the small, home micro business. Proproductsourcing.com stands out in showing new, home, Internet merchants how to find products to sell online.

Online PR News – 24-March-2011 – – Proproductsourcing.com of Iowa City, Iowa leads in product sourcing information for eBayers requiring wholesale suppliers, online home business, ecommerce sites, and merchants requiring flea market product sourcing, and supplies for craft fairs and art and hobby exhibitions. According to Evan Davis, Chief Financial Officer, the site, Drop Ship wholesale Product Sourcing, a no fee resource for the public that publishes product supply leads as well as material showing how to develop leads. Mr. Davis said, "One problem that all ecommerce merchants share is finding reliable product sourcing. This does not have to be a major problem, and our site offers a wealth of information to explain how to do just that."

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Proproductsourcing.com offers a wide variety of information not only on eBay, but includes advice for alternative selling venues, ecommerce, and SEO for ecommerce and home business sites. Mr. Davis reported that, ". . . We hope to be of assistance not only to people currently in business but to all those with a hope of financial independence. I think successful business always starts with a dream of success." The CFO also added that, "We also really want to start offering more actual reporting on industry news." It is the mission of the site to help online business understand the nature of the Internet marketplace where ecommerce trade in physical products is concerned.

It is Evan Davis' opinion that there are many ways to sell online, though eBay is what many people think of first because of its huge marketplace. He went on to note that even though putting items up for sale is fairly easy, doing eBay as a business is a little harder. eBay Power Sellers always have the advantage in terms of know how and where to find products to sell. Understanding the subtelties of different sorts of ecommerce marketplaces is also important. Ecommerce business is often framed in terms of eBay, and Proproductsourcing.com takes a wider view and tries to show how to take advantage of the options an possibilities available.