Lalabee Bathworks Range of Organic Baby Skincare Launched in the UK

Mothers are more vigilant than ever about the products that they use, and demand for natural and organic baby skin care products continues to rise.

Online PR News – 24-March-2011 – – Mothers are more vigilant than ever about the products that they use, and demand for natural and organic baby skin care products continues to rise. Angels Avenue seeks to address this demand by introducing to the UK market Lalabee UK Bathworks, a line of natural and organic skin care cosmetics for mothers and their babies. Angels Avenue also carries a comprehensive range of organic and eco-friendly baby products, which include skin care cosmetics, baby clothes, baby shoes and baby toys. All of the products on sale have undergone extensive testing to ensure quality, safety, and environment-friendliness.

Lalabee Bathworks is a Canadian company that has done extensive studies to create products made from 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. The Cosmetic Database has given them an exemplary score for zero toxins, and they have signed the Compact of Safe Cosmetics, ensuring that they are compliant with all its requisites. Lalabee Bathworks do not use paraben in their products and opt for natural and food grade preservatives. They utilize reusable packaging and biodegradable ingredients, doing their share to help preserve the environment. Part of the company's profit is shared with the less fortunate through Heifer International.

Lalabee Bathworks complete line of organic skin care addresses all needs of expecting and new mums and their babies. Top selling products in the Lalabee Bathworks line include Lalabee Organic Nipple Cream, Lalabee Organic Herbal Sitz Bath, Lalabee Organic Belly Oil Lalabee Organic Double Lavender Body Balm, Lalabee Organic Baby Butter, Lalabee Organic Baby Bottom Balm and Lalabee Organic Baby Butter, all of which are available on the Angels Avenue online store. High quality organic butters and oils with nourishing properties are used to make the Lalabee products. Keeping baby's delicate skin in mind, no irritating scents and ingredients have been used.

Fantastic reviews about Lalabee Bathworks have been published by the Canadian press and numerous online blogs. On Kathryn's blog,, the Canadian mum of two boys gave a glowing review of Lalabee's products. Lalabee Organic Baby Bottom Balm saved her son from a dreadful nappy rash. “The rash had faded by the next nappy change and was gone within a few days!” Another of her favourites is the Lalabee Organic Double Lavender Body Balm, which pampers her skin. The soothing smell and creamy texture was simply a delightful pleasure.

More people nowadays look for natural alternatives because of the potential long-term adverse effects of some of the chemicals used in mainstream cosmetic products. Harmful additives used in other cosmetics such as synthetic chemicals, petroleum by-products, pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified ingredients are not used in Lalabee's organic baby cosmetics. They are perfect for mums and babies with delicate and sensitive skin, or those with allergies, eczema, and other skin problems.

Angels Avenue and the team behind it are committed to delivering premium organic and ethically produced children and baby products to the UK market. They are devoted to looking for brands with strong ethical values, and believe in fair manufacturing practices. Brands found in their shop include Earth Mama Angel Baby, Dandelion For Baby, Under the Nile, Gifted By Nature, Vulli, Eternal Kids, Lotus Linens, and Kate Quinn Organics. More information on Angels Avenue and its products on their website.