Nova Verta announced the installation of a new Industrial Paint Booth in the Eastern Europe

A new industrial paint spray booth produced for a company located in the Eastern Europe, treated, until now, with the discretion that always characterizes Nova Verta International behaviour: no clamour and loud proclamations. When the facilities operate at full capacity, Nova Verta will reveal more details about the design and the technical features.

Online PR News – 24-March-2011 – – Nova Verta International continues its efforts to extend the international expansion, becoming stronger in the already captured markets and proceeding to the conquest of new commercial spaces. Its business efforts don’t know setbacks, the company presented, few days ago, a new Industrial Spray Booth, technologically advanced, specially designed for a major Eastern European company manufacturing heavy vehicles on wheels: truck, buses, cranes, trolley buses, trailers and tractor units.

The new client is a leader, since the end of World War II, in the production of missiles carriers, although in the most recent past it has been more oriented to road and public transport, as it is evidenced by the recent successful completion of a bus, that has become the undisputed protagonist of the major cities streets of Ukraine, Russia, Estonia and Belarus.

Few the rumours regarding this great industrial paint spray booth, Nova Verta, however, said that the introduction of this system, where a spray booth is associated to a drying plant at the top of the technology, will allow great savings to the customer. The economic effect will be of about 400 million rubles per year (about 10 million euro), thanks to the immediate energy savings, both in terms of electricity and natural gas, and the reduction of environmental taxes. Moreover it provides an increased productivity with a lower consumption of materials and ensures a very high quality and durability of the paint.