Confidential Tax Resolution Offers Help To Distressed Taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service recently announced an expansion of their assistance programs currently in place which provide relief to troubled taxpayers.

Online PR News – 24-March-2011 – – Knoxville, TN, 13th March, 2011 – - The Internal Revenue Service recently announced an expansion of their assistance programs currently in place which provide relief to troubled taxpayers. Given the current economic climate, an unprecedented number of Americans are currently in IRS default - or are living stress-filled lives fearful of default and financial ruin. Record numbers of individuals are unemployed or, more likely, underemployed, and no longer have the means to satisfy their responsibilities to Uncle Sam.

The government programs being rolled out finally address the current economic climate and are an effort to put some flexibility into the IRS's long-standing Offer in Compromise program for distressed citizens who owe back taxes they cannot pay. For example, Saturday open houses are now being held at many local IRS offices and troubled taxpayers have the opportunity to straighten out their IRS tax troubles by way of individual face-to-face discussions with an IRS agent. These unique outreach efforts are also being coupled with associate programs and organizations that exist for the benefit of Americans with federal income tax issues. Confidential Tax Resolution is taking an active role in participation in these programs and is leading the way with assistance to families with accessibility concerns and compliance issues regarding, not only the Offer in Compromise program, but other existing IRS tax relief programs as well.

According to Commissioner Douglas H. Shulman, the official IRS website has been appended to reflect this change in philosophy. It is now more user-friendly, allowing taxpayers to not only locate pertinent information regarding the newly stream-lined Offer in Compromise program, but also to permit a more specific examination of individual financial requirements and the likelihood of success in qualification. However, the inherent nature of the IRS hasn’t changed – it is still a collection agency and settlement opportunities are still not available to everyone. For example, the Offer In Compromise still looks to the future income potential of the taxpayer and, if there are realistic expectations of viable working years ahead, many applications will still not be approved. And, the reasoning still goes, if everyone could settle their tax debts, no one would pay their taxes. However, that is not to say that an IRS debt cannot be resolved. Even if the majority of delinque nt taxpayers do not meet the guidelines of the Offer In Compromise, there are other settlement opportunities which the IRS provides that are far more realistic and, in many cases, more beneficial. At this point the advice of a tax advocate can be invaluable. The professionals at Confidential Tax Resolution have invested the time and resources necessary to enable them to unravel the maze these newly expanded resolution programs have created, as well as to assist taxpayers with successful qualification. To get an understanding of options and the potential of a successful settlement, the expertise and experience of these advocates should not be overlooked.

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