Music to Download – Waterfalls of Love by Shirley Martin

Pop music lovers around the world will surely be delighted once they hear the distinctly enthralling voice of Shirley Martin.

Online PR News – 24-March-2011 – – Pop music lovers around the world will surely be delighted once they hear the distinctly enthralling voice of Shirley Martin. Listen to her own brand new song “Waterfalls of Love” and you will definitely agree that it is akin to a Katy Perry music with a refreshing twist of a Selena Gomez number. It’s no hype. You have to hear it and let your ear for great music be the judge. If you are looking for music to download, this is it.

“Waterfalls of Love” is a new song written and recorded by Shirley Martin. It is a very positive and uplifting song. Indeed, it is easy listening music at its finest. Too bad it is not yet available in music stores worldwide. However, Shirley has graciously offered it as free music to download so every music lover can enjoy her distinct brand of music.

Growing up in Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada, Shirley started singing at the very tender age of 10 with the church choir. Showing a great inclination for music even at a young age, she took piano and voice lessons. Later, she also enlisted for professional songwriting lessons and wrote music for several recording artists. However, no one can do better justice to her songs than Shirley herself.

Now living in Powell River with her husband and their two kids (and their cat, Coco too), Shirley does the rounds of night clubs either with groups or as a solo artist. And she still sings with church choirs as she has not forgotten her roots. In between gigs, she writes songs while maintaining a website for her music.

Shirley is currently working on a new full-length cd collection. She has so far completed several songs and a few more are coming up very soon. You can check them out at her website. She has written over 60 lyrics and she is in the process of putting melodies to some of them. Just to give you an idea on what type of music she writes, these are in the same genre and comparable to the songs of Hilary Duff and Celine Dion, to which Shirley injects and blends with her own brand of music.

Shirley Martin has devoted her whole life to music. From her humble beginnings as a church choir singer, she has gone a long way. She has done a lot of songs for other recording artists and has recorded her own songs as well. She is a well-rounded musician and has done practically everything in the field of music. Now, she is ready and she wants to share her music to the whole world.

“Waterfalls of Love” is great music to download from Shirley Martin & the rythymicimpressions. Visit Shirley Martin’s very own website. As a pop music lover, don’t miss your chance to have it. You won’t regret it. Guaranteed! Since the song is currently under promotion, you can download and listen to it for free. Share it with your friends so that they too can have that unforgettable Shirley Martin music experience.