WorkForFavor for Free Site Promotion and Free Advertising

The company WorkForFavor has a unique model that works along the lines of social networking for free site promotion.

Online PR News – 24-March-2011 – – Their website resembles a social networking platform that is built around people helping others out for a price. Apart from being a great resource for free business promotion and free promotion, there are a number of other things that this portal has to offer. Each and every request that is posted on the website is listed along with a specific fee and bonuses by the person who needs the work done. So, people are always willing to pay for their projects and if they are satisfied with the work, they are bonuses to look forward too.

People can always sign up for an account and start looking for projects on the site and even earn bonuses that can assist them in the process of posting their own jobs if they wish. The main aim of the website is to get access to as many people as possible in the shortest time span to get the work done. The innovative and new social media concept allows supports bonuses to be offered in the form of points that can always be used to transact on various jobs. The projects always revolve around generating buzz around either a product or a service.

Right from creating a following on Facebook to tweeting about a business, free business promotion is paid for using these business points when people finish the project successfully. Additionally, if the person who posts the job does not have enough points, there is always another option to buy some points to pay the members of WorkForFavor who look forward to helping the person with their business project. The website accepts everyone irrespective of their age, income and geographical location. There is no registration fee and a quick and easy signup process gives all the members instant access to either posting new projects or looking for those that they can work on. This is a great way for free website traffic and free advertising too.

There is a community and a forum where members can interact and share their pictures. To maintain the structural theme of the website, there are a few guidelines that members are requested to follow, for example, preventing third part access to accounts.