Oscellation Technology Suggests A Solution To Possible Radiation Spread From Japan

Oscellation Technology suggests the use of iodine supplements for protection against possible radiation spread from Japan.

Online PR News – 24-March-2011 – – We’re all pretty much aware of what the Japanese people have been going through recently because of the devastating earthquake and tsunami disasters that hit their country. Because of the huge intensity of the two natural calamities, a lot of areas in Japan have been wiped out. The devastation to Japan is one horrible thing, but the threat of the spreading of nuclear radiation due to explosions in several nuclear reactor cores has the whole world concerned in another way. The spread of radiation has been predicted by some experts to reach as far as the west coast of the United States. Because of this, Oscellation Technology has done some serious research about what can be done in case this prediction turns into reality.

Oscellation Technology suggests that the intake of iodine supplements will help battle exposure to radiation. Studies have shown that the use of iodine can help to stave off the harmful effects from exposure to radioactive materials. This is the specific form of iodine that Dr. Lynn Toohey, PhD has been studying about for almost 10 years now. Her mentor Dr. Guy Abraham has performed research about nonradioactive, inorganic iodine as well and he has discovered how much of it is required to prevent damage brought about by exposure to low levels of radiation. “A dose of 13mg/day is required to prevent at least 96% radioactive iodine from binding onto the thyroid gland” according to Dr. Guy. The said amount is the average dosage that the Japanese people take in on a daily basis, which is 100 times more than the average daily amount that Americans take in.

Radiation affects more than just the thyroid gland. Other organs of the body such as the ovaries, breasts, uterus, prostate, skin, and many others are also placed at risk if one is exposed to radiation. Almost every single organ in the body binds and requires iodine in order for it to function optimally. Based on this fact, the use of iodine supplements is something that would be beneficial to take even if there were no threat of exposure to radiation. Gary Krieg, one of the owners of Oscellation Nutrucuticals said, "It's really telling how the interest in iodine has heightened in the last week because of what is going on in Japan. But in reality, everyone should be concerned about the amount of iodine they have in their daily diet no matter what is going on in the world!" He went on to say that he is even guilty of "Iodine negligence." Several of the supplements that his company sells are made with Nori seaweed which has many health benefits including appetite control, metabolism control, hormonal balance AND it's rich in iodine! But he's been guilty of rarely mentioning that… until this month when it was forced to his attention. He said, "I think people have just forgotten about iodine and making sure they are getting it and I was one of those people too!"

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