MrFootage Offering Royalty Free NonTV Stock Footage in Beta Version

MrFootage, an acclaimed supplier of premium stock footage, is offering high quality Royalty Free NonTV stock footage collection in beta version. The library is offering one of the largest stock footage collections online encompassing a wide variety of subjects.

Online PR News – 24-March-2011 – – London, UK 23 March 2011: If you are searching for quality Royalty Free stock footage for your next film, this is news for you. MrFootage, a top supplier of premium stock footage, has a new interesting approach called Royalty Free nonTV. In the license granted under these terms, the buyer can use the footage for any media except broadcast TV. With their hybrid approach which is still in a beta version, MrFootage is offering high quality footage but in a Royalty Free, convenient and hassle-free environment.

Elaborating on the Royalty Free NonTV stock footage collection and how it is different from Rights Managed footage, a senior executive of the footage library stated, “Right Managed (footage) means that the license fee you are paying depends on the scope of rights in terms of territories, license period and media. Before giving a quote, the footage archive will ask you which media the license shall include. For instance, for a feature film, this will include theatrical release rights, TV, DVD and internet. There are other factors that will go into the price quote such as the quality of the shot, how rare the footage is and the level of complexity in clearing third party rights. On the other hand, Royalty-Free simply means that no further usage charges or royalties will apply. You are simply granted the right to use it as many times as you wish, in perpetuity. No rights nor fee negotiations are necessary.”

Royalty Free footage enables producers to incorporate footage into their productions usually at a lower cost than Rights Managed footage. However, although Royalty Free footage tends to be more convenient for the user, the reason professional film producers are still searching for Rights Managed footage is that many cameramen and suppliers of stock footage are not willing to release their best material on Royalty Free terms. On Royalty Free websites, rare footage may be sold at the same terms as unspectacular amateur and semi-professional footage. Award winning cameramen who have filmed with great care, cost, and effort may therefore not be willing to release their footage at standard prices.

Although several libraries include Royalty Free footage in their collection, different conditions could vary from library to library. For instance, MrFootage, under its Royalty Free nonTV approach, grants license for anything except broadcast TV. The advantage being that since TV rights are excluded, several cameramen are now willing to release worldwide rights of their footage in perpetuity. With their hybrid approach, MrFootage is able to offer high quality footage in Royalty Free environment, thus negating the lack of variety and choice issue which is generally the biggest disadvantage in Royalty Free footage.

By providing footage through this innovative approach, MrFootage has offered the producers an option to source high quality footage at standard prices. Availing the royalty free footage available with MrFootage collection will enable filmmakers in getting superb footage at favourable terms.

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MrFootage is a distinguished distributor of royalty free footage offering an assortment of footage of different kinds. The footage is available in Standard Definition PAL and NTSC. To access HD versions of the footage you may contact the sales representatives for rights managed at MrFootage. The distinct look and feel of the RFnTV footage of MrFootage makes them ideal for use for corporate videos and internet virals..

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