Kemnor soars high in Sydney with high-tech BIM Software

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Online PR News – 24-March-2011 – – BIM (Building Information Modeling) software has been around for over 30 years in its rawest form and has recently come to the design forefront as the software of choice for many international design projects.

BIM software offers a new approach to HVAC design, HVAC construction and facility management by encompassing geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, and the quantities and properties of the buildings components.

Basically, BIM is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle. Typically it uses three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling software to increase productivity in building design and construction.

The integrated ability of BIM software means that details can be accessed at any time, design and material information is always at your fingertips and building design and construction productivity is increased.

The modeling part of BIM software sees all the information, takes it in and produces it in 3D with all services and structure. This allows the designer and the client to view all elements of the job prior to the building phase which allows time to find any design faults.

Kemnor Sure Group believes that BIM goes far beyond switching to new software. It requires changes to the definition of traditional architectural phases and more data sharing than most architects and engineers are used to.

BIM Software can bridge the information loss associated with handing a project from design team, to construction team and to building owner/operator, by allowing each group to add to and reference back to all information they acquire during their period of contribution to the BIM model.

At Sydney-based Kemnor Sure Group, clients get expert opinion and help with BIM software which reduces time, efforts and money spent on the projects and detect error well in advance.

Kemnor Sure Group arm itself with BIM Software to provide the best services to its clients in Sydney. Become their client to avail the best service in the design drafting service industry. For details, call on (02) 9299 9999 or drop them an Email at Alternatively you can check out