Based on Forex Trading track record, Forex Megadroid an RCTPA design forex robot trading can almost perfectly see the immediate future, that results into a high gain of forex traders.

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A Reverse Correlated Time And Price Analysis (RCTPA) Driven Robot that takes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a New and Higher Technological Level with a great Performance, unquestionable Consistency and a mind blowing Accuracy can see the future of Forex Trading with a 95.82% accuracy resulting into a reasonable higher profit of the user-forex investor.

Since the Forex Trading Software was introduced, there are already a lot of changes that in effect revolutionized the way people understand and analyze forex trading. It’s a technological innovation that enhances the trading system of forex as well as the timing of trading by investors and brokers.

As of today there are many forex trading robots that are available in our market an even advertise almost on every page in the internet that are offered at lower price. But the big question is: Is it accurate? Does it gives a higher return on investment (ROI) to the user – investor?

This RCTPA Driven Robot was developed by two great minds of men who had 38 years of experience in Forex Trading and had worked hand in hand and analyze and apply into this robot their 38 years of experience and proven knowledge on what works and what doesn’t work on forex trading. It is a forex robot that is program based on the logical thinking of the two great minds that bring to the table what 38 years of combined Forex Trading experience delivers. They are innovators in forex trading and Reverse Correlated Time And Price Analysis (RCTPA) is their contribution to the Forex Industry; and this RCTPA Driven Forex Robot will make you a top Forex Trader from being an average one.

It is always been a motto of many of us that “to see is to believe”. We want evidence. We need a concrete example. Therefore, a real and reliable data is needed, and so a glimpse of evidence of this RCTPA Driven Robot performance will be presented on the later part.

Since 2009 Forex Megadroid an RCTPA Driven Robot has already been utilized in the real forex trading world. Well this is not just a mere forex robot, this is a program designed by not just experienced people in the field of forex trading but expert and accomplished fellow. Because you need to be alarmed that almost everyday new version of forex robot trading are being developed and offered to the public without your knowledge whether the people who developed it has a real knowledge of forex trading that is their basis of designing the program.

As we all know that practically computer doesn’t really think. They just analyzed basically based on the program of which they are created. So if the program is design by people who really don’t know about forex trading then it’s dangerous. Be careful because you may get stumbled on one of this fake forex robot.

A glimpse of RCTPA Accuracy and Profitability:

2009-2010 Performance: 3,319.88% (805 days)
2008 Performance: 623.47.84%
2007 Performance: 810.70%
2006 Performance: 333.05%