Go Green – Save Gold - Use Platinum HHO Tek Brings the Green Energy Platinum Fuel Saver to Europe

HHO Tek Launches the UK Division and makes Going Green more affordable than ever.

Online PR News – 18-November-2009 – – An industry-proven way to cut vehicle pollution by as much as 80 per cent while increasing mileage by up to 22 per cent has just crossed the Atlantic to the UK.

Tested and validated over many years by economy-minded truck fleet owners in the United States, this technology actually goes even further than significantly cutting pollution and improving economy.

It also comes with an on-board oil refining system that will eliminate engine oil changes forever – a bold claim which is backed by patented technology that has been rigorously developed and used on hundreds of heavy vehicles in the US.

The company making the Trans-Atlantic leap is HHOTek LLC of Rutherford, North Carolina.

Owner Trevor Hunter says “we decided to open a UK Division because of the escalating awareness of pollution – and the continual uptick in oil and fuel prices that makes life extremely difficult for commercial vehicle owners and businesses.

“We know from years of experience in the States that whether it’s an owner-operator or a fleet, we have a pollution-reducing money-saving solution that works. So bringing it to the UK and Europe was a logical move to make.”

Hunter’s HHO Tek has developed and collaborated on several fuel-saving modifications for both diesel and petrol engines, and he says “our products have a respective thirty and forty year history of successful use in autos, trucks, busses, taxi fleets, mass transit, locomotives, and marine and stationary engines.

“In those big engines oil sump capacities can be in the thousands of gallons and fuel use is measured in gallons or liters per minute or hour, rather than miles or kilometers per gallon or liter.

“Do away with oil changes in those engines – or any lorry engine for that matter – and you’re talking really meaningful savings.”

The new HHO Tek UK Division is offering a guaranteed savings of twenty two percent with its Platinum Vapor Injection System for petrol fueled vehicles. This system is transferable from vehicle to vehicle and comes with a lifetime warranty.

“It’s a unit with no moving parts, designed to inject minute amounts of a proprietary platinum vapor solution into the intake air stream of an internal combustion engine,” says Hunter.

“Platinum has unique chemical properties that catalyze the fuel to burn more completely giving increased power, efficiency and a significant pollution reduction for every drop of fuel used.”

Hunter says in diesel powered vehicles, which are inherently more efficient, “the savings are from seven to fifteen percent in fuel consumption, with a dramatically cleaner burn, reducing over-all exhaust emissions by 62% to 80%.”

There is also much less carbon fouling of engine parts and engine oil, thus extending engine life and efficiency.

Another huge benefit of HHOTek’s research and development is its exclusive onboard oil refining system.

“It’s continual re-refining actually,” says Hunter, “and with this technology, when run in conjunction with the Platinum Vapor Injection System, engine oil changes become a thing of the past.”

Through a patented process of filtration and evaporation the oil refining system removes particulate contamination down to half a micron in size, while vaporizing or entrapping acids, resins, and liquid contaminants from the oil.

“The onboard refiner is a bypass system with a filter media that does need changing every 56,000 kilometres (that’s 35,000 miles back home). But you never need to change the oil itself. And you can service the bypass system while the engine is running if needed simply by shutting off the oil flow through the bypass filter.”

The reason for such high mileage between filter media changes is that “oil itself does not break down. It just gets contaminated to the point of losing its lubrication qualities. So we developed this filter media to solve that issue.

“Of course drivers still need to keep an eye on engine oil levels and add some when necessary…but who needs to be told that? The thing is, you simply don’t need to drain the sump.

“I suppose you could say HHOTek was into ‘green’ long before ‘green’ became a buzz word,” says Hunter. “We did our R&D and once we had proof of performance we patented this bypass system.
“The way it works is it’s working all the time the engine is running and it refines the contents of the crankcase seven times an hour. So the engine is always bathed in clean oil.”

Based on its success record in the United States, Hunter says HHOTek UK can have a huge impact in reducing pollution and fuel and oil use.

“Whether it’s pounds or Euros or dollars, the average savings to an individual, a company, a municipality, a city or a country can easily be estimated.

“Just take current usage and figure twenty five percent of that figure will not be consumed. A £100 or €100 bill immediately drops to £75 or €75. Or instead of using 100 gallons or 100 liters of fuel, you’re down to only 75 gallons or liters.

“And on top of that, you either eliminate or reduce the cost of oil changes and disposal of used oil and filters, plus you have far less down time because of extended engine life.

Hunter says “Here in the UK, if you look at it from the individual, fleet, county, municipal or national level, these savings could amount to billions per year.”

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