Online Business Ad Venture Publishes Blog Post On Social Media's Affect on Search Engine Ranking

New blog post at Online Business Ad Venture shows that online ventures need to make sure they are including Social Media as part of the marketing strategy or risk losing their current foothold in established markets and face major difficulty entering new markets.

Online PR News – 29-April-2011 – – Online Business Ad Venture has published a new blog post about how online businesses should make sure they are making efforts to include social media in their marketing campaigns or fear falling behind as we move towards the Second Internet.

"It appears that it will become more and more important to actually create content that your target audience will like and share amongst their peers if you wish to succeed long term in Internet marketing. Sure, there will still be shortcuts and tricks that can be used to trick the search engine into sending traffic your way. But these will be short term and become increasingly shorter term as search engines increase the reliability of the ranking algorithms using new and improved signals," Luke Miller from said.

Gaming the Search Engine results, through various tricks and tactics, used to be easy and may continue to work into the future but increasingly the effort required to stay ahead of this game will become losing proposition for online businesses.

"So why not put all that work that used to go into staying one step ahead of the game into understanding your customer and giving them useful and usable content that will enhance their lives and/or businesses?" Mr Miller went on to say.

Online Business Ad Venture is focused on delivering education on how to establish real and lasting online businesses that are future proof and do not rely on one source of customers for their survival. Their site features a range of articles that aim to help those wanting to expand or establish an online presence for a new or existing online business.

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