Nguyen Duy - New Trend On Art

The development of new trend relating to Gemstone in Artwork

Online PR News – 23-March-2011 – – Art plays a key element in a diverse range of human activities, creations and modes of expression, including music, literature, film, photography, sculpture and paintings. Impressively, from the treasure of nature donation, gemstones appeared and implanted into the artwork with beautiful sparkling, vibrant colors under the skillful hands of the artists. Precious gemstone paintings have no colors fade, no pollution, no harmful to human health and long lasting with natural colors.

Vietnam is known as a promising market of gemstone painting for foreigners as it has reasonable price with such good quality such as keen line, lively colors and appealing pictures. Nguyen Duy is one of the most trustworthy and professional manufacturer and supplier in producing gemstone artworks. With talented and skilled artists, together with feng-shui master’s advice, Nguyen Duy offers products made from natural gemstones which defined to contribute the prosperity, energy balance to working environment.

Founded in 2008 in Vietnam, Nguyen Duy has launched five gemstone product lines, including feng-shui stone, gemstone painting, jewelry, handicrafts stone and grave stone. Especially, Nguyen Duy offers portrait gemstone painting, which is a unique service; customer-made and tailor-made. They produce with high capacity due to 10.000 square meters manufactory and two showrooms in Hochiminh City as well as developing progress of Nguyen Duy gemstone all over the south area where customers can visit and purchase products directly.

As the artwork trading market is rapidly increasing in Vietnam, gemstone painting can positively attract a great potential niche market in and outside the country. Nguyen Duy, in that perspective, can also enhance its business as well as striving to be the best supplier in this business field.

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