Monster Trading Systems Announces Completion of Spectacular Six Month Money Making Trend Trade

Having identified a breakout in September of 2010, the Monster Trading Systems platform recently pinpointed a breakdown in the rising trend and alerted users to get out of their positions, booking huge gains for trend traders.

Online PR News – 23-March-2011 – – On September 17, 2010, the Monster Trading Systems platform rang an alert to signify that it had found a potentially lucrative trend developing in the stock market. Those savvy users of the market leading trend trading platform who heeded the calls to action are smiling all the way to the bank. Nearly six months later, having run its course, the trend has finally broken, but not before the Monster Trading Systems platform alerted users with a sell signal. Many traders who count on Monster Trading Systems as part of their arsenal would have been privy to the 3rd quarter 2010 buy signal bracketed by the 1st quarter 2011 sell signal that Monster recently delivered. True to form, all traders needed to do was get in on the buy signal and get out on sell signal. In this case, it really is as simple as that.

Trend trading disciples are all too familiar with the power of a trending market, in particular the thrill of riding said trend whether up or down, and the agony of playing contrarian against the powerful forces that shape the trend. Wall Street is littered with tales of spectacular crash and burn victims who thought of themselves as above it all, able to take on the surging trend as they steadfastly, stubbornly and ultimately fatally go against the flow. For those who tried and failed in their quest to run counter to trends, one must wonder why fight a surging wave? Why not ride it for all it is worth, and bail when the wave has run its course? Questions are plentiful, but answers in short supply.

Although there is no silver bullet, the answer that many trend trading fans adopt is to employ an automated trend trading platform such as that offered by Monster Trading Systems. These platforms run day and night, looking for patterns that form and hold, triggering a buy signal when conditions warrant it, and sounding the alarm to get out when the trend breaks down. Sans emotion, sans effort, sans time invested. Well, minimal time and effort invested, but relative to what it would take without automation, the time and effort is practically negligible.

The Monster Trading Systems platform is replete with modules to trend trade practically any instrument on the market. Whether traders favor stocks, ETFs, Forex, cheap stocks, big trades and small, Monster Trading Systems can manage it all. Powered by its legendary Heatseeker market watching application, each module in the Monster Trading Systems platform has the potential to identify winning trade trends long before others in the market discover it. "In an age where traders are active at all waking hours of the day, it is comforting for Monster Trading Systems users to know that they can do one better, since their platform is seeking out opportunities at all hours of the day, nonstop. The recent September to March spectacular Buy-Sell signal generated from the Monster Trading Systems platform is plenty proof enough of the prowess of automated trend trading," explains David Stephenson of Monster Trading Systems.

Monster Trading Systems helps the trend-following trader conquer the Markets by providing a series of time tested, market proven Systems and automation tools. With a solution for nearly all markets imaginable, Monster Trading Systems ensures that they can be of service to traders of all types.

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