Web Business Age launched to help business owners and executives think about, build, run, market and measure their online business and marketing

Web Business Age, industry engine for Web business and online marketing helps business owners and managers to strategise, build, operate, market and measure their Web business effectively.

Online PR News – 17-November-2009 – – Sydney, 17 November 2009, web business Age, ‘industry engine’ for Web business and online marketing industry, was launched today in a function in Sydney.

This online resource, located at http://webbusinessage.com, offers essential reading and useful resources to business and marketing managers, small business owners and other online professionals.

It is estimated that more than 1.5 billion people are online worldwide. They type in their questions, needs and requirements in to search engines 4 billion times a day (on average). About 300 million active users on Facebook and about 60 million Twitter users represent the active and vibrant Web 2.0 in which user-generated content and communities rule.

“No wonder, businesses want to reach, engage and interact with online users. They are asking how they can align their business to the Web. By offering practical strategies, tips and directions, Web Business Age hopes to be a part of the answers.” Hasnain Zaheer, managing editor of Web Business Age, said while announcing the Web site.

The most prominent feature is a directory of products, service providers, technical platforms, and reading & learning resources. Selected by experienced editors and neatly categorised in several well-thought out practice areas, listings are continuously updated to keep up with the fast changing online marketplace.

Practical strategies, useful guides, news and analysis from expert staff and contributors aim to help its readers design practical Web business strategies: build usable Web sites, run great Web teams, write compelling content, stretch their search marketing dollars, utilise social media, in short succeed in the quicksands of online business.

Zaheer said, “Online strategies, assets, innovations, investments in digital capabilities and digital talent are at the top of the minds of decision makers. They are looking for ideas, people and processes to thrive in the age of Web business. We hope to provide them the missing pieces of the puzzle.”

Web Business Age is developed by Simplogy Web Business based in Sydney with a global team of online journalists and digital industry professionals.

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About Web Business Age: http://www.webbusinessage.com/aboutus
Online presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/hzaheer/introduction-to-web-business-age

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