Insight Investigations Warn of the Dangers Facing Unprepared Private Investigators

The spotlight has been on the private detectives industry in recent times for a number of reasons. In the UK phone tapping scandals have hit the headlines, whilst overseas in the US, Private Investigators have been murdered. Insight Investigations are warning potential PI's of the risks involved and dangers.

Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – Insight Investigations have over 30 years experience in the private investigation industry, in this time they have seen a lot of changes, stories surrounding rogue private investigators and unpleasant demises of some unfortunate detectives.

In the last few months alone in 2011 there has been a lot of focus in the UK around the News Of The world, celebrity phone tapping scandal that has led to a lot of bad publicity for the private investigator industry, whilst in America there have been stories circulating of PI's being found murdered and attacked.

As an experienced and well respected firm in the private investigations sector, Insight Investigations aim to help provide impartial advice and also recently announced what to watch out for when employing a detective agency.

There is however a flip side to just employing the right company to investigate your grievance, personal or commercial problem, private investigators must also understand there are lots of pitfalls and circumstances beyond their control that could pose potential life threatening situations if handled incorrectly.

Only 2 weeks ago ITV in London reported on a murder case from 1987 where private detective Daniel Morgan was found dead with an axe embedded into his head in a pub car park. At the time it had been thought that Morgan was close to revealing some links between the criminal underworld and certain Police officers. The case into this unsolved death recently collapsed.

In the USA, Greg Brown, a lone private investigator was found in the boot of a car murdered. Instances like this are few and far between, however Insight Investigations are quick to point out that the job can have its problems if you are under qualified and not sure of what you are getting yourself into.

Insights Director, Tony Smith says "Many investigators have set themselves up over the last few years and, in an industry that is not yet regulated, it is easy to do so. However it is not easy to forge such knowledge and the hands on experience that Insights staff have, with over 100 combined years in the industry stands them in good stead"

It is worth noting that it is not all doom and gloom and the role of a private investigator helping to settle personal and commercial matters can be rewarding, being prepared and having experience seem to be the key elements of success.

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