Jinan Qutub Pres. of Qutub Personnel is opening office in NYC

Qutub Personnel temporary staffing firm opening a branch office in NYC.

Online PR News – 23-March-2011 – – Qutub Personnel President Jinan Qutub said the company intends to place finance, clerical, accounting, light industrial and legal temporary workers in local businesses.

"We would like to diversify by working with more fianance clients, who are more common in NYC," Jinan Qutub said. "We believe that NYC is a growing market with industries that will need to hire more temp staff."

Temp staffing is a good indication of the direction of where the economy is going. When the economy looks bad, temps get let go first, and when it is recovering temps are hired back first. Companies don't want to hire a fulltime person until they know they need it. Typically when unemployment levels begin to drop, the staffing industry picks up first.

There has been a trend with companies using temporary employees rather than hiring permanent employees. In light of economic uncertainty temporary employees are easier to hire and easier to let go if that becomes necessary, he says. They are also cheaper to employ because companies are not required to provide them with health benefits or other fulltime benefits like retirement plans.