Now You Can Use Hardware Inventory Software to Monitor Event Logs at Very Affordable Cost

Based in the United States of America, Isis Holdings, LLC has introduced effective hardware inventory software, Praetorian Guard, to monitor Event logs at very affordable cost. Monitoring event logs is an important task for maintaining the health of computer network of an organization. This software offers a cost-effective solution.

Online PR News – 23-March-2011 – – Isis Holdings, LLC, an established company based in the USA, has introduced a completely new concept, Praetorian Guard, hardware inventory software to monitor event logs at very affordable costs. By installing this software in their networks, companies and organizations can protect their networks from any internal and external forces that might be attacking. Monitoring event logs are crucial for the maintaining the health of the systems in any business. This software collects the information about all the hardware in the network and creates an inventory that helps track and solve any problem in the systems.

Talking about this amazing hardware inventory software, the company’s representative said, “Every business has to deal with several issues affecting their hardware equipments. To deal with the problems with hardware, the business has to collect, document and report their PC hardware inventory. This is done to achieve several important tasks including network analysis, security purposes, accounting asset tracking, IT audits, securing PCs from theft, computer end of the life planning or tracking any unauthorized use of hardware. Our hardware inventory software is cost effective as compared to the software provided by other vendors. Moreover, it has large array of features that outnumber any other software on this category.”

Praetorian Guard is well-designed software to deal with issues of safety of software and hardware faced by businesses of any size. This software offers the easy to manage, flexible, scalable solutions to monitor event logs. With this software installed in the network, clients can improve their IT audits as it provides all the data required at a click of the mouse. It helps track and monitor the PC hardware warranties, required replacement values and more. The Praetorian Guard hardware inventory software is extremely robust and is available at affordable cost.

Adding further, the spokesperson said, “With Praetorian Guard installed in the networks, a business can license all their PCs at a cost of .25 cents per computer per month. Besides, this software also includes various other data fields that are needed for tracking the PC vendor, its warranty length and expiration, its purchase price and support information. This software not only protects the systems from any problem, but also helps track the IT investments of a company. We are confident of our products and that’s why we are offering 30 days free trial of Praetorian Guard to allow the businesses try it before they purchase it.”


Founded by Isis Holdings, LLC, introduces a revolutionary network and user monitoring & management software for businesses. Praetorian Guard is an amazing software product that is flexible and scalable from a single PC to the largest Fortune 500 enterprise environment.

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