KimmyShop Announces Special Savings on Hard to Find Caillou Plush Doll

UNITED STATES, New York (March 2011) – KimmyShop announces special savings on Caillou plush doll.

Online PR News – 23-March-2011 – – UNITED STATES, New York (March 2011) – KimmyShop announces special savings on Caillou plush doll. This Caillou plush doll is a very hard to find child’s toy, but is in such high demand. KimmyShop specializes in stocking hard to find children’s toy.
Currently, KimmyShop has a couple of dolls in stock that are from the Caillou plush doll collection. These are very difficult to find dolls, even though Caillou is one of the more recent television characters. Caillou comes from a television show which began in the 1990s. Therefore, one would think the plush doll Caillou is easily available. However, many families have difficulty finding many games and toys from this television series.
KimmyShop has the Caillou Builder plush doll in stock. This Caillou doll is dressed as a builder complete with the hard hat, tool belt, and blue overalls. Additionally packaged with the Caillou plush doll are two tools a child may play with. These tools can be used with one’s imagination while experiencing hours of playtime fun with Caillou the Builder.
The Caillou Builder plush doll is being offered to the general public at a discounted rate. KimmyShop is advertising a substantial savings on this well sought after toy. A 17% discount is applied to the purchase of the Caillou builder plush doll. This amounts to a $5.00 savings which brings the total cost of the Caillou plush doll to just under $25.00. This is a remarkable price for a hard to find and popular toy.
KimmyShop is dedicated to providing the best collectible toys and at reasonable costs. For this reason, other Caillou plush dolls are available as well as a bath toy doll. Each Caillou plush doll available is unique to the character. For example, one plush doll previously sold by KimmyShop is The Hockey Star. A talking Caillou plush doll is also available online. This special toy is a great toy for young children as it helps a little one learn while playing. The Talking Caillou plush doll is available at a 14% reduced price to help save customers money.
KimmyShop has other hard to find toys and games. Stocking the hard to find toys is one of their specialities. This company prides itself on finding rare toys and is diligent towards customer service.
KimmyShop announces a hard to find Caillou plush doll at an incredible price. This doll is offered at a substantial discount for all customers.