Arabware Localization opens new frontier for Online Mobility to the Arab consumers

On Screen Translation; Arab Mobile users now can Navigate, Press and instantly Translate Online information!

Online PR News – 23-March-2011 – – Mobidiv's under patent technology "On Screen translation" shifts localization to a new dimension where Arab mobile users can access Online Mobility in their native language. With one touch of a finger, they can translate any word and sentence to their native language. without leaving the application or on-line service they are using.
On Screen translation is a prominent feature of Arabware's Online Mobility localization, the new definition of smart phones localization from MOBiDIV. It is an exceptional mobile experience that demolishes the language barrier of non localized content, services or applications, granting them instant access for on line services, maps, online information and content, as well as live services and 3rd party applications in their native language
ArabwareTM, is not just a linguistic localization; it is an intelligent understanding of consumers regional aspects, taking regionalization to an unprecedented intelligent level through smart regional features. For the first time, consumers will be able to operate all the Android phone functionalities in their choice of language in a truly native bilingual orientation enabling a different level of user-friendly experience in the consumer native language.
CIT MOBiDIV has extended this unique localization technology to multi-language support, offering TukWare, PersiWare and HebreWare as well and has been widely propagated on more than 30 Android Smartphone models in the Middle East market till now.