Veolia Environmental Services Launches Alerts System to Increase Engagement with the Local Community

Veolia Environmental Services, one of Australia’s largest waste management, recycling and industrial services providers launched new website functionality in the form of SMS and Email alerts.

Online PR News – 23-March-2011 – – PYRMONT, NSW - For more than 40 years Veolia has been implementing innovative, effective and sustainable waste solutions across Australia. In an effort to demonstrate accountability and transparency about the company and its performance, the recycling and facilities management industry leader has enhanced its website with a wealth of community engaging features.

The purpose of these additional communications tools will allow for real-time information to be disseminated to its customers and the greater community where Veolia operates. As Veolia Environmental Services operates at over 100 locations within Australia, and provides services to over 60,000 clients, Veolia needs to be at the forefront of extensive community engagement.

The launch of the SMS and Email alerts system will be provided in the first instance to the communities of Tarago, Goulburn and Bungendore, and be utilised to alert local residents, and authorities of any changes to operations at Veolia’s Woodlawn Bioreactor which may have any impact on the local region.

The Woodlawn Bioreactor is located 250kms south of Sydney, near Goulburn, and accepts over 500,000 tonnes of solid waste from the Sydney Metropolitan Region. The waste sent to this facility is then used to generate electricity, through the utilisation of the methane generated from the decomposing waste. Since commencing operations in 2005, the Woodlawn Bioreactor has accepted over 2 million tonnes of waste from Sydney; from July 2009 to June 2010, the site generated 14,331 MWh of renewable energy, which is enough electricity to power approximately 1,800 homes for a year.
Veolia is currently seeking approval from the NSW Government to increase the maximum assessed input rate of the Woodlawn Bioreactor from 500,000 tonnes of waste per year to 1.13 million tonnes of waste per year. As such, it is imperative that Veolia work closely with the local communities, and keep them informed of every step of this application process.

The availability of an email and SMS communications system will allow customers, and the community to subscribe and be sent information which could relate to changes to operational hours, changes to operational capacity, changes to movements of vehicles in and around key locations, invitations to events and open-days at Veolia facilities and general updates on what Veolia is doing to lessen its environmental impacts and work with the local community.

Veolia will soon make these tools available to all customers, to ensure it is engaging in a more interactive and timely manner with the local communities.

About Veolia: Veolia Environmental Services is Australia's environmental services leader in all facets of waste and e-waste management and resource recovery, as well as industrial services such as Industrial Cleaning and Facilities Management. Veolia has over 30 years industry experience in implementing effective, innovative and sustainable Waste Management and Industrial Services solutions.

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