Medical Records on Your Cell Phone:

Computer Scientists Turn Cell Phones into Health Care Resource:

Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – Science Daily reports that new software technology allows cell phone and PDA users to download their medical records, making them quickly accessible in case of emergency. The new software can even display animated 3D scans. Computer scientists say the technology will also enable students to do research using their portable devices.

San Diego-- Imagine if your medical records were lost or misplaced. It can cause more than aggravation. It could impact the care you receive.Now, imagine being able to download your own health records--even X-Rays and diagnostic scans--right into your cell phone!

The cell phone have a graphics chip like the one in your PC. The chip can turn your phone into a virtual medical library library, complete with stunning 3D computer graphics and medical scans. This technology can help you and your doctor keep track of your health.

Gregory Quinn, a computer scientist at San Diego Super Computer Center, at the University of California, says, "We can do quite amazing things in terms of presenting information." Quinn is developing a program that will allow doctors to view a patient's medical history on mobile devices.