The Music Of Shoresh Offers An Earthly Comfort To A Wide Variety Of Listeners!

Shoresh is the owner and proprietor of one of the most well-known music venues in Israel called the Pitriya (Mushroom). 35 years old, and more financially stable, he is now free to express his musical talent in unspoiled fashion. The recent album “Black Box” represents Shoresh’s past and present experiences as well as his unique perspective and approach to life.

Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – D.N.G.E., Israel - 8 years ago, Shoresh opened one of the most well-known music venues in Israel known as the Pitriya. Now 35 years old with four kids, he has found himself financially sound enough to focus on sharing his unique experiences and approach to life. His music creates more of a feeling than a sound, each note representing a moment in life and each song offering more questions than answers.

Recently Shoresh released a full length album titled “Black Box". It represents not only his personal journey through life, but the question of how to decipher issues that his listeners can relate with. The unique arrangements and powerful, yet comforting vocals represent the constant questioning and intermittent turbulence that is life. Undeniably rich and deep in content, “Black Box” is an album that listeners will keep coming back to both for comfort and a new discovery within the material each time.

Unlike many other albums outlining personal experience, “Black Box” is far from a commentary on what Shoresh has accomplished. Instead he has created a commentary on life as a human splashed with personal experience. From each song to the next, the melody, backbeat, even the style changes drastically making “Black Box” sound like a cut of multiple albums rolled into one. Much of the album was recorded live which adds even more to the presentation and energy of the piece as well as its unpredictable nature.

“Almost everybody who got hold of my ‘Black Box’ testified that they could actually feel the music rather than hearing it. Every person who gave it a real try with open mind went back for more again and again and the most wonderful thing about this ‘Black Box’ is that you'll find something different and new with every listen. You will feel part of the journey and that's no surprise because you really are,” he said.

This beautifully engineered and moving production is available on CD or as a download at Shoresh’s website. The album is also available through CDBaby, iTunes, eMusic, Bandcamp, and Amazon. The CD comes with a 16 page booklet and concept art design created by Shoresh. Both visually and audibly, the album offers a complete artistic insight into Shoresh and communicates with listeners on a variety of different levels. This makes “Black Box” a completely unique arrangement from an Artist with a unique perspective on life and a testament to the human experience.

“On first listen it is important to listen to from start to finish getting the whole picture (just like you won't see half a movie). Please clear off the next 47 minutes from any duties. Buckle up and prepare to enjoy the flight. If you want to get off in the middle, you will find a parachute under your seat (Just make sure there ain't no holes in it). Good for road trips, good with sex and excellent while cleaning,” said Shoresh.

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