Jim Beam’s Great-Grandson Leads Bourbon Tasting at Houston Bar Reserve 101 March 22nd

Join Jim Beam’s great-grandson, Frederick Booker Noe III, in a complimentary tasting of products from the world’s best-selling bourbon distillery at Reserve 101 (http://www.reserve101.com), Houston’s premier whiskey bar, March 22 at 6 p.m., corner of Dallas and Caroline.

Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – Jim Beam fan? How’d you like to join the great-grandson of the old man himself in a complimentary tasting of products from the world’s best-selling bourbon distillery? You can at Reserve 101, Houston’s premier whiskey bar, March 22 at 6 p.m.

Reserve 101, “not your daddy’s whiskey bar,” located downtown on the corner of Caroline and Dallas across from House of Blues, will host Jim Beam distiller and company historian Frederick Booker Noe III—James B. Beam’s great-grandson—for this special event. The tasting will feature the distillery’s newest small-batch offering, Knob Creek Single Barrel, plus the original Knob Creek, Basil Hayden’s, Booker’s and Baker’s small-batch bourbons. Register for the complimentary Tuesday Tasting at: http://reserve101.com/whiskey-tastings-houston.

“Fred Noe is a walking encyclopedia of Jim Beam lore,” says Reserve 101 co-owner Mike Raymond. “He grew up on the distillery grounds and now serves as the brand’s worldwide ambassador. He’s a witty storyteller and a great guy to hang out with. Jim Beam fans also will be pleased to learn that the tasting will serve as a launch event for Knob Creek Single Barrel.”

Bourbon, dominated by Jim Beam for over 200 years, is whiskey’s “sweet spot” because corn is a sweet grain. The more corn, the sweeter the whiskey. Founder Jacob Beam settled in Kentucky in 1788, where he experimented with the corn and grains grown on his farm, blending them with water from a nearby spring and distilling the mixture into bourbon. The rest is history.

Reserve 101 stocks over 170 varieties of premium whiskey and creates its own infusions, blending whiskey and other liquors with such exotic ingredients as pecans and cinnamon, apples, peaches, peppers. Its bartenders also specialize in Signature Martinis (http://www.reserve101.com/martini-list), Signature Cocktails, wine and beer.

The three-year-old establishment recently doubled its space, expanding into part of a next-door Italian restaurant, where a new kitchen will be added to provide made-on-premises bar foods including barbecue and tacos.

“Happy Hour,” with dollar-off beers and wines and half-price signature cocktails runs from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday with specials just about every day of the week, including Sundays.

More information about Reserve 101 and whiskeys is available by contacting info@Reserve101.com.