Angela Dussault of Buffalo NY offers landscape design ideas

The avid gardener often looks toward climbing foliage to add to his or her backyard arrangements.

Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – The climbing vine is such a unique and charming addition to any backyard garden or venue. Gardeners can take any number of climbing plants and train them to climb such items as pergolas, trellises, garden arbors, railings and decks just to name a few. Also take climbing plants and thoughtfully place them through the garden design scheme in order to initiate more privacy or create shadier areas.

The plants will direct sight upwards which can improve upon a landscape design where width is more prevalent. Include vines within the backyard landscape, it will be important to consider what types of plants are available. The region respective of climate and type of soil is also an important consideration when coming up with the ideal vine.

One vine that has gained in popularity of recent years is the Trumpet Vine. The vine is found in two variations, one being a general-style Trumpet vine; and the other a Chinese Trumpet. The Chinese Trumpet vine is a tropical plant and stands up best within agricultural zone eight. The general Trumpet Vine grows best within agricultural zone five.

The Trumpet Vine is defined as a vine which grows very quickly, particularly where great amounts of sunshine prevail. When the Trumpet Vine blooms it provides the gardener with very impressive flowers with a color palette ranging from the most vivid of reds to orange to yellow. Once housed on a trellis the vine clings as if it had roots. The support must need to be sturdy however, since over a period of time the vine has a tendency towards enormity and can become quite weighty.

Almost everyone has seen buildings riddled with ivy. There are several kinds of ivy and all are vines that will grow quickly and generally will easily grasp brick walls.

"You need to know something about what you are doing when planting ivy as it can also damage the structures providing it support," suggested Angela Dussault owner of Obsidian landscape Supply. "So when adding ivy, be certain you know how to grow it as well as look after it."