EnableSoft's Foxtrot Data Management Software Used By Half Of Forbes' Top Fifty Banks

EnableSoft has announced that half of America's Top Fifty Banks, as chosen by Forbes, rely on Foxtrot, a data management software system that includes customer management software solutions and mass data management capabilities.

Online PR News – 21-March-2011 – – Winter Park-- EnableSoft, a leader in the development of efficient data transfer software for businesses and financial institutions, recently announced that their Foxtrot data management software is used by an impressive twenty-five out of the top fifty U.S. banks as chosen by Forbes magazine. EnableSoft's flagship data management software is also currently used by forty-seven of the nation's top 100 banks. Foxtrot provides these banks with an effective solution for their most complex accounting, data management and financial analysis needs.

EnableSoft’s CEO and Founder, Richard Milam stated "We have been serving the banking industry for over 15 years now and with the latest consolidation and regulatory pressures, banks have never been under this level of stress. We are honored to be a significant part of their solution."

Financial institutions have particularly stringent requirements for any data management software used in-house. Banks using EnableSoft's Foxtrot software rely on its comprehensive design, which eliminates the need for separate customer management software and data transfer software. In addition, banks using Foxtrot are assured that the software incorporates necessary compliance with government requirements, e.g. Regulation Z’s consumer credit protections and notifications.

Successful banks and credit unions prefer Foxtrot data management software, citing its efficiency and ability to simplify a variety of data management demands. Foxtrot automates data entry and compiles vital information into formats that are easily understandable and fully actionable in order to enable intuitive decision making across the board.

Streamlining crucial tasks, including mass changes to account and billing codes, automated software testing, and credit and debit card ordering, is central to Foxtrot's success in financial institutions. Foxtrot's data management software also allows banks to seamlessly aggregate data from multiple websites.

Some of the benefits cited by financial institutions that use Foxtrot's data management software are the software's ability to streamline data entry tasks for operations and its ability to quickly and accurately migrate data. The ability to convert and share data across divergent systems and formats is also a deciding factor for banks that choose Foxtrot for their data management software.

About EnableSoft:
EnableSoft develops and distributes data management solutions for financial institutions, insurers, manufacturers and healthcare providers around the world. EnableSoft's combination of powerful Foxtrot data scripting technology and experience in workflow automation make it a leader in data management for businesses of all sizes.

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