Activewear label for women with real curves

Female for Life, an Australian fitness wear label, has launched a range of exercise clothing for women.

Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – Despite the average woman being a size 14, one of the key obstacles for curvy women when it comes to getting out there and getting fit and healthy is that until now there has been no flattering, affordable, durable exercise gear specifically designed to give that initial confidence boost and motivation to curvy ladies to help them get back into shape. Female For Life aims to change all that.

Female for Life (, an Australian fitness wear label, has launched a range of exercise clothing for women who want to get fit and lose weight, but don’t want to be seen in the usual poor quality, saggy, unsupportive or unflattering apparel that’s traditionally been on offer for the curvy and plus sizes.

Designed with curvy women in mind, Female For Life has great pants, tops and shorts that provide support and flatter a woman’s curves and comes in fun, positive sizing. “Not all women feel flat and fabulous going to the gym, says Melanie Becker, founder of Female For Life, “and sometimes when you’re a little larger than your “ideal” size, the only exercise gear that seems to be on offer is cheap, poor quality and unflattering or uncomfortable.

In fact in a recent online survey, Female For Life found that whilst 87% of women are more motivated to keep active when their gear is comfortable and flattering, more than 51% of women find it hard to find and over 62% have stopped exercising at some point because their gear was too uncomfortable.

“Our exercise apparel has been developed for real women with real figures, to give them the confidence to get back out there and start exercising without the dilemma of what to wear.

My vision is to build Female For Life into a brand synonymous with health, environmental accountability, quality, femininity and affordability - regardless or your weight and hip size”.

Designed by the industry leaders in Brazil and Australia, Female For Life designs flatten the tummy and smooth out lumps and bumps yet feel comfortable and look sexy, so women can feel great and get the best from their workout, whether it be a walk in the park, a session in the gym or an energy-pumping body combat class.

The online retail store is dedicated to providing high quality feminine and affordable active wear and yoga wear for women in all their beautiful shapes and sizes across Australia and New Zealand, in metro or regional areas.