iGetAbout Reveals More Exciting Updates

iGetAbout - A Complete Travel Guide to Australia. The Application guides you through a list of popular tourist destinations within Australia

Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – If you are traveling to Australia and need information on where to go and what to do, there’s a smart phone app designed specifically to help. iGetAbout is a smart phone application that lets its user get in touch with the different tour operators and accommodation providers in Australia. The phone application can give you at least 1,700 different land, water and air activities you can do when you travel to the Land Down Under. For the travelers from around the world and for those who are strangers on their own land, who decided to explore Australia, this application is a must on your phones.

Since its release the demand for iGetAbout has increased dramatically. As a result Chilli Pepper Media are working on a Windows Phone 7 version of iGetabout, the platform that Nokia phones will soon support.

iGetAbout won’t let you get bored when the user ventures into Australian Travel. The application does not only give you different activities but can also give you information about the different tourist destinations and hotel accommodation at the different places you want to go.

iGetAbout revealed more good news as of today. On March 4, 2011, the phone application was added to the “Staff Favorites” on the App Store for Apple phones and on March 6, iGetAbout was able to reach the “What’s Hot” list on the iTunes for the travel category on the App Store. It also reached number 3 spot on the “Most Popular” category and was able to record a more than 200% increase in downloads under the “travel Australia” keyword. Since then it has remained in the top three “What’s Hot” apps for the travel category.

The recognition of iGetAbout by the Apple staff and the sustained downloads reflect the quality of the app, the quality of its content, ease of use and the fact is free have all contributed to the current level of success.