The Online Marketing Company - A New Service Offering Affordable SEO Services for Local Businesses

The Online Marketing Company is a brand new service aimed at providing affordable SEO services for local businesses. They offer a range of services to suit any budget and can help local businesses to get to grips with their online presence for less than the price of a news paper advert.

Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – SEO or search engine optimisation is an essential part of making a website successful online. But for small business owners this process can be tricky to navigate. And with the average small business owner not having the luxury of a dedicated IT team to advise them on how to build an online profile it can be hard to know which way to turn.

Often small businesses will not be able to afford professional SEO services and will attempt to promote their websites themselves. This can be a frustrating process when they have no real plan to follow. And taking random advice from the internet could be a risky route to take; if they take the wrong advice they could risk dropping out of the search results or getting banned form Google completely. So who should small businesses turn to when they need help with online marketing? And who can they trust to build their online profile without getting penalised by Google?

The Online Marketing Company saw that local businesses where struggling to get to grips with search engine optimisation and many were being ripped off by unscrupulous SEO agencies who were preying on their inexperience and lack of knowledge. So they decided to step into the breach to provide small businesses with the help they need at this unprecedented time in the history of business. They developed a special range of affordable SEO services that harness the power of the newest technologies such as social networking and mobile internet. Their services are aimed specifically at small to medium sized local businesses with prices to match.

These services include;

Local-Mobile Marketing
The Online Marketing Company hones in on the opportunities presented by Google, Bing and Yahoo Maps and helps local businesses to get high ranking positions on these maps, positions which show up above the organic search results offering greater exposure for local businesses. Innovatively this service is fused with mobile technology so that the business also shows up on smart phones and GPS systems for even further reaching exposure.

SEO Launch Pad
This is an extremely good value for money service aimed at getting new or low traffic websites off the ground. Getting them indexed in the search engines, listed in directories and ranking for some of their top keywords in order to see a steady stream of traffic to the business' website.

SEO Services
These again are extremely good value for money but are aimed at businesses who already have their websites up and running but need a new direction in their marketing efforts to increase the amount of traffic coming in to the website.

Custom Facebook Fan Pages
This unique service helps businesses harness the power of social networking at its best and taps into the 50 million daily Facebook users to gain massive exposure for local businesses. Not only does The Online Marketing Company create a custom business profile for the client they also actively build a loyal fan base to which the client can promote their special offers and keep in touch with their customer base.

You can read more details on these services on The Online Marketing Company website here

The Online Marketing Company also offers advice and consultation services and bespoke campaigns for small businesses that need that little extra.

So any small business owner’s who find themselves drowning in the sea of SEO information now have a trusted marketing partner to turn to for help and advice and can build their online presence for 24-7 exposure all for the price of a newspaper advert.