Thrill Street Ent. Offers Three New Michael Dugan Screenplays For Sale

Thrill Street Ent. Offers Three New Michael Dugan Screenplays For Sale

Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – (Boca Raton, FL, March 21, 2011) Feature film and television production company, Thrill Street Entertainment, Inc. (, announced it can now offer three new spec scripts from Emmy-Award winning, WGA writer, Michael Dugan. The scripts include the feel-good, baseball comedy/fantasy, "Curve Ball", the twisted and disturbing horror story, "Clown Freaks", and the intense, suspense thriller, "Killer App".
Thrill Street Entertainment, Inc. produced the breakout, teen comedy, "Raging Hormones", which was written and directed by Michael Dugan and won the New York Independent Film Festival awards for "Best Director", "Best Comedy", "Best Soundtrack", and "Audience Appreciation". The film ran on HBO for several years and is now available on Netflix and in video stores everywhere.
Michael Dugan, President of Thrill Street Entertainment, said, "When I founded Thrill Street Entertainment, I wanted to make movies that were totally thrilling to watch, and sometimes send a chill up your spine. These 3 new spec scripts cover several different genres. "Curve Ball" is a cross between "The Producers" and my own personal idea of what would happen if I got my chance to play major league baseball again. "Clown Freaks" is my disturbing vision meant to terrify a best friend who has an intense fear of clowns or coulrophobia. It's amazing how many people other people hate clowns too." Dugan explained, "The 3 script, "Killer App" is a cross between "The Ring", and "Disturbia", and you'll never look at your smart phone the same way again. This script also features an innovative second revenue stream that could essentially double the income received from the box office, video rentals, on demand, and cable."
In order to allow producers to read the scripts, Thrill Street Entertainment has posted them on under writer, Michael Dugan. Thrill Street often partners with studios and other production companies on a future participation basis provided WGAw minimums are paid to enable Michael Dugan to take credit and stay within guild guidelines.
This formula worked well with the enormously successful independent comedy, "Raging Hormones". It was made on a micro-budget, yet netted the partners a dramatic return when it reached HBO, Netflix, foreign sales, and nationwide video distributors.
Michael Dugan explained, "I truly believe in the Writers Guild, and as long as I can get the minimum scale to satisfy the WGA upfront, I am happy to postpone my payday until the production partners are all making money as well." Dugan added, "Film making is an art but also a business. We must make a profit and minimize our risk so that producing a film is a sound investment that makes sense and rewards the people financially who believe in it and take action to invest."
To read the 3 scripts available, check out or email:
Thrill Street Entertainment, Inc., has created award winning feature films, Emmy-award winning television programs, and countless Direct Response Television Commercials including "Snuggie", "Roomba Robotic Vacuum", and "The Yoshi Knife".
For more information about Thrill Street Entertainment contact Michael Dugan at: 1-800-282-3216 or go to Thrill Street Entertainment, Inc. is a full service entertainment, advertising, production, and marketing company that has generated nearly $1 Billion dollars in feature film, television, and Direct Response revenue.

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