Social Networks Boost Cultural Exchange Across All Time Zones
03/22/2011 Taps Global Friendship Explosion

Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – Every morning Simon Fisher wakes up at 7am, takes a shower and logs onto his computer in an apartment in downtown Chicago. But while he’s just beginning his breakfast of coffee and bagels many of his friends are already active and going about their daily routine. Simon’s social circle now spans the time zones in Rio de Janeiro, London, Novosibirsk, Munich and Bangkok, good friends he communicates with an average of 2 times per week.

This is the global phenomenon of friendships forged using the bridge of social networking. A recent study from North American Technographics reveals American users of social networking have doubled in the last three years to 55.6 million adults. This number is reflected worldwide with an increase of 82% in just one year of the time spent on social networking sites. Every user now has more friends and the big news is an average 21% of every user’s social network is of a different nationality. Enabled by the proliferation of Global English, this number is throttling into orbit as social networking becomes the fashionable new way to find penpals from overseas.

To plug into this tremendous increase in foreign friends, savior of social networking is making waves across the world with support for a rising number of cross border relationships. The problem with many existing social networking websites is that the user’s country isn’t shown by default. Choc-full of international members, is a smart solution to this problem as a user’s nationality is clearly tagged in their profile allowing user to connect immediately with friends from their country of preference., the latest project from one of the founders of, is a powerful and secure means of connecting with new people. The refreshing simplicity of is its greatest asset as users can sign-up for free and easily make instant conversation with an extensive network of friends from across the world. Based on an ad-free model, offers a clutter-free experience with efficient cornerstones of Live Chat, Direct Messages and Live Chat with Video.

The fast and fun network boosts cross-border communication and makes the world an even smaller place. “It’s a great way to discover the world and enjoy friendship – I’d definitely say my life’s richer as a result. Plus my vacation opportunities are now outstanding!” says Simon Fisher.