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Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – People like to play the lottery – right? According to statistics, playing standard national lotteries give you chances to win that range from 14 million to 1, to 140 million to 1!
By playing scratch cards online, companies offer much more reasonable chances to win! reviews these companies and lets you know where you can find online scratch card promotions, scratch card reviews and tips on how to win when playing scratch cards.

They have a great bonus newsletter which lets you know when some sites are running hot! So you can set an alert which lets you know how long it’s been since a site paid out a big jackpot!Back to the odds. 140 million to 1. In all fairness – this is the chances of winning the jackpot – but the odds of winning anything are fairly low too. Sites like are reviewed on and offer odds as low as 3 to 1 on each scratch card!

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