James Malinchak New Master Course, Millionaire Secrets Revealed, Reviewed by Wealth Building Expert

Wealth Builder Chris Moeller puts James Malinchak's new wealth building product to the test and shares his findings to assist his readers in deciding if the product is something they would like to try.

Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – Loads of would-be millionaires have flocked to ABC network's new show, Secret Millionaire, in search of ideas, tips and perhaps most importantly, the inspiration to forge ahead in their quest to see if they can replicate the same level of success as that which is put front and center in ABC's hybrid reality-fantasy show. One of the millionaire protagonists on the show is James Malinchak who has endeavored to produce a wealth building strategy product called Millionaire Secrets Revealed. A select few have been invited to review the product and there is consensus with their assessment that the product is legitimate with lots of potential.

The premise of the show is to conceal the identity of a millionaire for about a week, and during that time they travel to poverty stricken areas, to commiserate with the less fortunate. Their objective is to mingle with the locals, and in the process, identify one or more individuals whom they feel needs the most assistance. The show wraps up with a feel good moment culminating in the millionaire revealing themselves as filthy rich with money to spare, and of course, their offer of assistance to the previously identified person. Wrap the whole thing into a happy tears moment, and that is pretty much the gist of the show.

James Malinchak is a renowned lifestyle coach and has many successes under his belt. He started his quest to build wealth as a stock broker, and ultimately made his money through entrepreneurial efforts. Throughout his journey, he adhered to certain principles which he unveils in his new product, James Malinchak's Millionaire Secrets Revealed. A privileged few have been able to take a peak under the covers to see what the buzz is all about, and to set aside the hype in the quest for the truth.

In Millionaire Secrets Revealed, James Malinchak outlines success principles and practical wealth building strategies that he himself has honed over the years. Many predict that the product is poised for meteoric success, given that Malinchak is going to be featured in ABC's hit show, Secret Millionaire. Ever the entrepreneur, Malinchak is leveraging free marketing whose exposure would be impossible to acquire. As a reality star playing his millionaire self on screen, Malinchak projects an easy going, credible millionaire with the charm to draw in countless fans who may be dreaming of becoming the next millionaire. The ABC Secret Millionaire episode showcasing Malinchak will be broadcast on Sunday, March 20.

"Mr. Malinchak's financial success is unquestionable and his appearance on ABC's Secret Millionaire is appropriate on several levels. First, he is wealthy, given his multi-millionaire status; second, he is not only generous, but also sincere and truly wants to help those in need. For those who are thinking about pursuing riches, or those who are on the way but lost, James Malinchak has produced a product, Millionaire Secrets Revealed, which promises to provide the requisite guidance based on his own personal experiences," explains Chris Moeller.

Chris Moeller has produced numerous investigative reports on wealth building products on the market today. The latest review conducted by Mr. Moeller involves a product developed by an ABC millionaire reality star, James Malinchak. The wealth building product is called Millionaire Secrets Revealed, which provides guidance for would be millionaires on their quest for wealth.

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