Automotive Direct Mail Company Mudlick Mail Helps Companies Gear Up For Summer

Mudlick Mail is an automotive repair direct mail company that takes the experimentation out of direct mail by continuing to provide customers with services such as coupons & advertising methods that have been tested & proven to produce results.

Online PR News – 22-March-2011 – – Acworth, GA ( onlineprnews ) March 16, 2011 - As the transition from cold winter weather to summer heat commences, cars tend to run into problems that need to be fixed. In an effort to help automotive companies attract new customers, Mudlick Mail offers their clients services to develop and distribute coupons and employ advertising methods that are guaranteed to bring in business.

Mudlick Mail, experts in automotive repair direct mail ( ) , takes the experimentation out of direct mail by continuing to provide its customers with services that have been tested and proven to produce results for businesses.

“You can call any other direct mail company and they’ll make you an ad, but you have no idea if it’ll work.” said Greg Sands, owner and CEO of Mudlick Mail. “If you call us, we’ll make you an ad, and that ad has already been tried, and we know it’s going to work.”

Not only does Mudlick Mail supply its customers with automotive direct mail services, they also form a partnership with their clients to guide them through the usage of direct mail. For a competitive price, its in-house designers create coupons, ads, and logos that cater to its client’s needs.

“If you are a shop owner, we literally teach you how many staff members you need, what kind of sales to expect, we’ll write the ads, we’ll tell you what to say when a customer calls or comes to your front door. We really have become your partner as much as just your direct mail company,” Sands said.

Greg Sands owns and operates 21 auto repair shops across the country. Because of his background in the automotive industry, he has been able to create and implement a simple program that offers clients a cost effective marketing medium to reach their customers.

Mudlick Mail was founded nearly three years ago, after Sands became weary of the direct mail services he was paying for, for his automotive repair shops. His weariness prompted him to take his company’s advertising into his own hands and create a program that would keep costs down and improve its efficiency.

The company is continuously growing and expanding; working with companies in other industries do to there quality work and competitive pricing. Mudlick Mail sent out more than 25 million pieces of direct mail nationwide in 2010, and is hoping for 36 million in 2011.