New Wholesale Drop Ship Product Supplier Services for Ecommerce Businesses
03/21/2011 promotes no charge information, advice and instruction to help answer questions concerning wholesale drop ship demands for all kind of small, home business whether online, or offline flea markets and craft fairs. excels in showing new, retail businesses how to find products to sell online.

Online PR News – 21-March-2011 – – of Iowa City, Iowa leads in publishing product supply information auction wholesale supply, online home business, ecommerce sites, and merchants requiring flea market product sourcing, and supplies for craft fairs and art and hobby exhibitions. Evan Davis, Chief Financial Officer for the site, the site, Drop Ship wholesale Product Sourcing, a free information tool for the public that publishes selected supplier lead but more importantly shows how to develop one's own leads. Mr. Davis said, "One problem that all ecommerce merchants share is finding reliable product sourcing. This isn’t as difficult as you might think, and our site offers a great deal of free material to demonstrate how to do just that."

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Newcomers to the site will find a wide variety of information. There is advice on eBay not commonly found elsewhere, alternative eBay marketplaces, wholesale drop shipping, sources for liquidation and closeout goods, and even search engine optimization for ecommerce. Mr. Davis reported that, ". . . we are now offering wholesale supply informational videos across a wide topic area. We hope to catch the interest of people who may be coming to site for the first time seeking information on how to get started with ecommerce. I think successful business always starts with a dream of success." The CFO also added that, "We are toying pretty strongly with remaking the site into a product sourcing news magazine." seeks to help the small home business avoid the misinformation and hype that seems so prevalent concerning Internet business. believes that eBay is so well known worldwide that many people think that there is no other way to make money online. He went on to note that in the case of eBay, running an auction is basically very simple, but actually earning a profit is a little more difficult. Those experienced in ecommerce have an advantage over newcomers, and that is knowing what to sell and how to find products. They also understand many of the subtleties of the various ecommerce marketplaces available to online merchants. attempts to help site visitors understand the broader context of ecommerce and product supply.

About is a free, product supply and sourcing resource dedicated to providing accurate wholesale, drop ship, liquidation-closeout supply information for small, home ecommerce businesses selling physical products to the public. There is very little that can’t be sold online, and endeavors to point the way toward financial success through correct business modeling.