How Solar Power Benefits You and Mother Earth!

We all know about the many advantages of solar power but there is a small, yet vocal contingent of solar naysayers trying to espouse the disadvantages of solar power. Recent world events as well as a gamut of goverment incentives has thankfully silenced this group as solar energy powers its way to replace fossil fuels.

Online PR News – 20-March-2011 – – When it comes to alternative ways of saving energy and saving Mother Earth in the process, not to mention the enormous savings one can make in reduced electricity cost, there’s no wonder the buzz terms “Solar Power” and “Solar Energy” have taken on such great significance!

And no other individual has known the importance of Solar Power than Richie Vee, who has since mounted an online campaign to let people know how solar energy benefits everyone (including good ole Mother Earth), and what needs to be done to reduce their carbon footprints.

Richie’s solar power campaign, which is being waged via his Home Solar Power Guide website, provides a platform from which he shares his 30+ years of engineering experience so visitors can save on your energy bills (and they're only going up), and saving the planet in the process.

“Let's face it. There's never been a better time to investigate using solar energy to power up our home solar systems than now. Besides, the government has stepped in with solar credits to help offset the solar power installations,” said Richie, who believes he has a mandate to help guide people through their solar system installations.

One of the benefits of going the way of solar energy, according to Richie is that it helps prevent, what is now popularly known as, “carbon footprints” – which is defined as "the total amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person."

According to Richie, this is more commonly expressed as an amount of carbon dioxide, since this is a gas known to the average person, and people can understand and relate to it better. “Thus, the term carbon footprint, which actually refers to GHG, is carbon dioxide and other similar harmful gases. Unfortunately much of our daily activity releases carbon dioxide and increases our carbon footprint,” explained Richie.

In an average year, according to Richie, energy consumption by an American citizen has a carbon footprint of approximately 36,000 pounds or 18 tons. “Contrarily, solar power has a carbon footprint of exactly zero so this is a prime solar power benefit and one of the main advantages of solar power,” noted Richie.

However, no matter how advantageous solar power might be, there’s always going to be disadvantages. Of course, closer examination of its viable option to replacing current energy providers will most certainly show the pros and cons of solar energy.

Certainly, Richie knows exactly what you most of you reading this right now are thinking. “Great, solar power will help our environment, health and wealth, but it is super difficult and expensive to set up!” But according to Richie, that’s actually one of the mythical solar energy disadvantages supported by non-solar energy companies who profit from traditional energy sources. “They would have you believe that solar energy costs outweigh the solar power benefits of savings that you’d get. And when you add the fact that solar power is unlimited ( one of the main advantages of solar energy ), there really is no reason to ignore harnessing solar energy to power our energy-hungry lifestyles,” argued Richie.

He supports his pro-solar energy argument by further explaining that on a clear, sunny day, 1 kWh (kilowatt hour) is broadcast onto a 1 square meter surface at sea level per hour. On a typical sun-filled day, approximately 6 kWh of total solar energy can be captured from this relatively small area. That works out to a total of 180 kWh every month, and just 5 square meters is enough to replace the average American's electricity consumption each month. It easy to see that one of the main benefits of solar power is that it’s inexhaustible.

On the converse, however, as it relates to the disadvantages of solar power, he said that there were certain consideration to take into account before anyone starts building their personal solar power station. “A little known fact about solar power concerns its source. Did you realize that you are legally entitled to sunlight? Yep, it is against the law for anyone to build a structure that blocks your "solar exposure" thus encroaching upon your solar power benefits,” he said.

He said that that means “our government is fully aware of the benefits of solar energy and its amazing powers. This also applies to trees and natural impediments on your neighbor's property. You are within your legal right to have trees trimmed and hills reduced if they block the sun’s life-giving rays.”

However, he believes that reducing, and even eliminating, overseas oil providers far outweigh any and all solar energy costs of production. Richie noted that “Every single kWh that we harness is done so right here in the good old USA, and means we cut off the greedy hands of OPEC overnight, putting more money back in our pockets. To me this is truly one of the main benefits of solar power.”

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