Before The Fame: The Bitter Streets Documentary

High Octane: High-powered; dynamic: It's all about the artist.. Welcome to The Gritty City, NYC.

Online PR News – 20-March-2011 – – The Music Industry is a tough road to beat, let alone to get in! Every kid from the urban streets wants to be the famous rapper, the one people look up to because of their power, money and respect. But do we know what these kids went through before the Fame? No, we eventually get an in-depth look after they become internationally known. Not in this case, Publicist Cynamin Jones decided 4 years ago to document artist before the fame, get an in depth look of their lives growing up in the bitter streets of the ghetto. every kid has a story, but its never told through their eyes. In the docu Before The Fame: The Bitter Streets Documentary Cynamin hits the streets with the artist who already have a an internet buzz and before they blow up (street terminilogy for famous) she captures their crimes, lives, and way of living, one that you would never know only if you look deep into the eyes of the Famed artist before he was known.

In This short interview we have Hip Hop Artist Meeno. Meeno who goes now by Mr. Burns was in a group called Harlem World. Harlem World was an American rap group founded by Mase that was signed to Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Recordings. The group consisted of six members: Mase's twin sister Baby Stase, Mase's brother Blinky Blink, Diddy's cousin Huddy Combs, Cardan, Meeno and a then unknown Loon. They released their first and only album, The Movement on March 9, 1999, which would make it to #11 on the Billboard 200 and be certified gold the following month. Despite the success of the album, the group disbanded later in the year with their last appearance being Mase's "From Scratch" on his second album, Double Up.

Why Kickstarter?

The Film was in pre-production but had to be stopped. The camera crew eventually pulled out due to funding. It was a no-budget film. But in order to continue with the film we need additional funds to pay our amazing crew. We have reached out to investors and pitched to major networks but have seen our idea used and we have lost out on our dream we are turning to the hip hop fans that believe in this film and understand the importance of seeing the struggle before the fame. So they can see with faith and willpower they also can win!

We look forward to encouraging every child who doesn't believe that dreams come true to look at this documentary and see themselves reach for their goals without giving up.

Project location: New York, NY