Herbal Chi Balm Released to the USA Consumer Market

Sun Born Natural Products Company receives exclusive distribution control

Online PR News – 20-March-2011 – – After a year of testing, Sun Born Natural Products Company has now released the specialized product to the USA consumer market. Previously, Herbal Chi Balm was sold privately to professional and semi-pro athletes (and a few non-athletes), for relief of pain from physical exertion and minor injury, and also to use as part of their training. According many pro, semi pro, and sports enthusiasts who have used the product, it has the added benefit of improving stamina, balance, focus, and flexibility, giving them an edge in their sport.

Sun Born Natural Products took on the product after a year of testing to selected individuals in the private sector. “Although Herbal Chi Balm has been used privately for several years, we wanted to evaluate it for ourselves. We tested it for pain relief and as a training tool. The results were very positive and we felt that it merited full national distribution. We believe Herbal Chi Balm stands in a class of its own. Many we tested were skeptical, as nothing they tried in the past worked, but after trying the product, in nearly every case the product exceeded expectations.” said Roland Ludlow, president of Sun Born Natural Products.

Herbal Chi Balm was invented by Grandmaster Greg Yau who has years of study in physiology, physics, psychology, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs. The proprietary formula was derived by combining ancient science used by the Shaolin temples for 1000’s of years, with 21st century quantum physics technology that enhances and strengthens the herbs properties. It is completely natural, and contains no preservatives, or animal products.

Grandmaster Yau has been teaching natural wellness to students from all walks of life for over 15 years. His work has been the subject of scientific inquiry and on going research by Peak Achievement Centre located in Australia headed by Mr. Clive Stephens.

Grandmaster Yau is currently the founder of the Shaolin School of Health and Self Defense in San Francisco. He was former President and board member of the Foundation for Mind Being Research located in Los Altos, California.