Search Engine Optimization expert is to reveal Google ranking algorithm

Alyona Frendo, a search engine optimization expert is ready to reveal the results of a reverse engineering process of the Google search engine results ranking algorithm.

Online PR News – 19-March-2011 – – The owner of a new blog about search engine optimization, alyona frendo is claiming that in the following days she will be revealing Google’s search results ranking algorithm and therefore she will be giving an unfair advantage to anyone who knows this secret. So far Google has done everything that it could to keep this ranking system secret, however after years of experimenting Alyona discovered the various components of this algorithm and is ready to reveal the secret ranking system in use by Google.

On her blog – Alyona already started revealing all that she knows about internet marketing and she already posted about such topics as list building, how to create your own product, how to use Google analytics to your advantage and choosing the right strategies to engage your audience. Nevertheless the next couple of posts will be focusing on how the Google ranking system works and how one can use this knowledge to his advantage and ensure that his website gets on top of the search engine results.

When contacted directly the owner of stated that she wants to expose the system utilised by Google because she wants to stop so-called gurus from selling search engine optimization ebooks that offer little or no help whilst over-charging their clients. Some search engine optimization companies also trick their customers into paying them thousands of dollars for a service that they could obtain for only a few dollars and achieve even better results.

Asked if she is afraid of any repercussions and retaliation from Google itself, Alyona stated that she is not afraid that Google will sue her because the algorithm itself is not patented by Google so they legally own no copyright over it.

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